Hi there!

I’m Larissa. Follower of Christ and hopelessly devoted wife, mother, and homemaker. When I’m not donning an apron you’ll find me out-of-doors. I love to hike, sing, birdwatch, and spend time with my family. I’m an avid keeper of notebooks and photographs. When I’m not teaching, I’m usually baking sourdough, reading a good book, or learning a new skill in the home or the kitchen. I’m proud to be raising old-fashioned children in a modern world.

Before becoming a mother, I was a Kindergarten teacher. I am very thankful, however, to be home with my beautiful family. I’ve homeschooled my children from the beginning using a Charlotte Mason philosophy; we delight in a rich feast of lessons together each day.

My ‘mundane’ daily tasks are my way of glorifying the Lord. I use every opportunity I get to disciple to my kids. I guess you could call me a glass-half-full type of gal.

I created Charlotte Mason Motherhood after ten+ years of blogging and seven years of motherhood. Recently, I’ve realized that I am called to share the goodness of educating at home. To share why it’s worth it to take the time to share life with your children. This noble work of discipleship and motherhood can be fulfilling. Culture tells us we need to focus more on ourselves but what if they’re wrong? What if our duty as mothers of young children is to return to a simpler time? To tend to our young children. To be their compass. To learn the important skills of keeping a home and family.

I like to think of myself as a lifelong learner. I strive to cultivate Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in our days. If you’re interested in Charlotte Mason, or learning how to keep a home, stick around! This is where I share our practical application of a Charlotte Mason education. I am delighted to have you here!