I’m nearing the end of this third pregnancy, so I thought it would be fun to share what I’m wearing in my third trimester. I definitely wear almost exclusively dresses, because that’s what fits the bump best! Keep scrolling to see A Week of Maternity Outfits!

Outfits in Action

The latest on Youtube:

Day One

OUTFIT: Linen ‘Mama’ Dress

Day Two

OUTFIT: Gingham maxi dress

Day Three

OUTFIT: White 3/4 sleeve blouse (gifted) | Underbelly maternity jeans (gifted)

Day Four

OUTFIT: Black maxi dress (gifted)

Day Five

OUTFIT: Linen midi dress (gifted)

Day Six

OUTFIT: White and blue floral maxi dress (gifted)

Day Seven

OUTFIT: Patchwork maxi dress

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