What’s Inside Our Charlotte Mason Kinderleben Math Basket?

Today I’m sharing a look inside our Charlotte Mason Kinderleben math basket! I’ve shared before how I keep my youngest daughter busy during lessons, but today I want to share exactly what I pull out for my Kinderleben student while I’m working on a formal math lesson with my 2nd grade student. Keep reading to see a list of supplies, and to watch the video where I share what’s inside the math basket!

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What’s the Kinderleben Math Basket For?

This basket is so useful for times when I need my four or five-year-old to be busy while I’m working on a formal lesson with my eldest student. I also use the materials to do some gentle math learning a couple of times a week. The skills worked on are number recognition, sorting by color and number, recognizing numbers 1-10 in print, counting, and lots more! I also recommend the tried and true preschool (and kindergarten) math book I use for a gentle introduction during the Charlotte Mason Early Years. Make sure to watch the video above for more information!

What’s in Our Kinderleben Math Basket:

Closing Thoughts

I hope this post about our Kinderleben math basket was helpful for you! I plan to share some literacy activities I like to do with my Kinderleben student next, so stay tuned for that! If you’re interested in seeing the little Kinderleben checklist I put together for my student and I to complete each week, you can join the Charlotte Mason Motherhood community at the link in the box below. Until then, thank you so much for reading!

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