Our Homeschool Playroom Tour

I’m sharing a highly requested video and blog post today! It’s a homeschool playroom tour! Ever since sharing our homeschool room tour, I’ve had so many of you request to see our playroom. I share a quick run-through of some of our favorite toys. Many of them would make wonderful holiday gifts.

Elements of Our Playroom

Reading Area

We LOVE to read in this family. We are “regulars” at both the local library and our local used book shop. I have baskets of books in every room for my kids to pick up throughout the day. And even though we’ve moved quite a few times in the past five years, the first areas we set up in our home are our cozy reading areas. We have a lovely and inviting space set up for our children to read in the playroom. Complete with cozy blankets, pillows, and a big basket of books. I keep a huge shelf of books in the office, and then there’s the one in the closet that you can see in the video. It houses our most-used picture books.

Crafting Supplies

I keep a space in the playroom dedicated for the sewing machine (which is put away in the video), fabric and scraps, embroidery supplies, and so much more. I store it in the wooden dresser you see the doll house sitting on.

Puzzles and Games

Family game night is a weekly event in our home, so we keep a large collection of puzzles and games. I store these in the closet to pull out for our school room to keep my younger student busy, and for us to rotate out near the living room. You can see some of our favorite puzzles and games for Family Game Night in this post.

Music Area

My daughters are both learning how to play the piano. In addition to their daily piano lessons, my husband is musically inclined, and I play the piano as well. Therefore, a music area is sort of a no-brainer in the play area. We have our family singing time every Sunday, and usually like a piano or guitar accompaniment. We also have an upright piano in our living room, but it can be loud for daily practice with my husband working from home. So, it’s nice to have the keyboard option!

Play Kitchen

The play kitchen is fun because my girls love to play “family”, and they can pretend to do all the things I do in our real kitchen, in theirs. I’ve caught them making sourdough, straining milk, and chopping veggies in their play kitchen. It’s a piece we bought years ago, but have just always kept because of it’s amazing quality. We have a lot of wooden and cloth play food as well that holds up wonderfully. The theme here is minimal plastic for longevity. 🙂

Shop the Playroom

Hopefully this little tour of our playroom was useful for you! Remember that open-ended toys are going to be the most timeless for you children to use for many years. Thank you so much for reading!

Interested in more content on the playroom? Check out my post on Fall Picture Books for Kids!

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