Not Perfect Linen ‘Mama’ Dress Review

I am so excited to share my review of the Not Perfect Linen ‘Mama’ dress today! I’ve been wearing these for several years, but somehow have never written a review on the style. I did, however, write a post on why you should invest in linen. You can read it here. I still stand by everything I mentioned in that post! My linen lasts so long, and it’s extremely durable. I’m sharing my favorite style with you today: the mama dress!

The Not Perfect Linen ‘Mama’ Dress is perfect for running around with children in the forest, at the beach, or taking them to the park. You can wear it at home or to church! It’s truly one of the most versatile pieces I own. If you’re a nursing or pregnant mama, it’s also friendly for both! You can’t go wrong with this piece. If you’d like to see it in action, watch the video I filmed on it below.

Not Perfect Linen ‘Mama’ Dress Modifications:

I did make some modifications to the dress to make it more my style. I shared them in the video but I also shared my size, the color, and all of that information below.

Outfit Details

Modifications For This Dress:

Modification 1: Waist Ties
The waist ties are a really unique feature of the linen dresses I own. They allow me to cinch the waist before, after, or during pregnancy. But I can also change the look of the dress by making the waist more fitted or loose, depending on my outfit for that day.

Modification 2: ‘Porto’ Neckline
The original ‘mama dress’ neckline is higher, so I prefer a bit of a lower neckline. They have a top called the “porto” so when I asked for a different neckline, I wanted them to use that as their guide. It adds a feminine flair to the dress.

Modification 3: Wooden buttons
I love the wooden buttons they add to their dresses, but instead of just having buttons on the top, I like them to go all the way down the dress too. This completely changes the look of the dress. I usually ask to add buttons all the way down to my dresses.

Modification 4:Length
I always purchase the midi length. I prefer the modesty of it! But I asked Not Perfect Linen to shorten the skirt by 2 inches to make it a little shorter, so it’s sort of in-between of the shorter and longer version.

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  1. So helpful! I’ve been thinking so much about how to refresh my wardrobe over the next year, and this certainly is a great starting place. Would you mind sharing your height? I would love to get a sense of how the altered “midi” sits with your dimensions!

  2. I ordered this dress with the modifications you used, however modified the length to 40″ as I’m 5’2. It’s a beautiful, high quality dress and and I would encourage anybody thinking about ordering one – to do so! Also they do respond to messages on Etsy if you have sizing questions.

    1. Where does that length fall on you? Iā€™m 5ā€™2ā€ as well, and Iā€™m trying to decide what length Iā€™d prefer to order.

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