Today I want to share with you something very personal to me. I keep several notebooks. Some are journals, some are organizational tools, and others are just documenting things I learn. If you’re interested in things like a recipe book, a commonplace, or enquire within, then read on!

Why Should Mother’s Notebook?

To put it simply, I expect my daughter to take up notebooking, as it’s a wonderfully useful tool within the homeschool. I talk more about notebook here, and about narration in this post. But basically, I expect my children to notebook, so why would I not expect if of myself. After all, children learn best through example. Therefore, I intend to provide a good example by notebooking myself! Below I’ve shared the notebooks I keep. Each one has a purpose, and in the video I shared below, you can find out more about each one. I also included a brief description of each.

Watch the Video Tour:


Truth Beauty Goodness Notebook

Nature Study Journal

Bible Journal

Recipe Notebook

Garden Journal

Work Notebook

Commonplace Book

Book of Centuries

Enquire Within Notebook

Mother’s Logbook

Closing Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this video about my mother’s notebooks! It’s been quite a journey to begin recording everything in these, so my advice to you would be: if you feel overwhelmed… start small! You could start with only one notebook for the year and just record anything you want to remember, have learned, or want to document in it! So, will you be trying it out this year?

Thank you so much for reading!

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