Last month I shared a video of my Azure Standard grocery haul, and so many of you enjoyed seeing what our family ordered! I wanted to share this month’s haul with you again. You can watch the video below, and scroll down to see a list + prices of what I purchased for the month of June.

Azure Standard Grocery Haul | June 2022

I loved ordering from Azure last month. So far I’ve been so impressed with their products and the process. You can see what I bought from Azure in the month of April here and May here. Many of the items I purchased last month didn’t need to be purchased again, because we haven’t used them all! I did try out some organic juice and coconut water that i’ve been buying at Costo, and I ordered a huge box of apples and pears to freeze and preserve!

Azure is a farm dedicated to bringing chemical-free food and brands to families across the U.S. They’ve been farming since the 70’s, and here’s how it works: first you purchase your items online. Then, a truck drives from Oregon to your state and meets you and the other families who also placed an order at designated “drop sites” where you pick up your grocery items! This is just once a month, so a lot of the stuff is ordered in bulk! Here’s what I ordered this month…

Azure Standard Grocery Haul for June:

I ordered some Einkorn all-purpose flour in May and I’m due to order more, so I’ll add that to my July order! I’ll also be ordering the 5 lbs organic, raw cheddar cheese and organic yellow potatoes. We ran out of those things fairly quickly!

Closing Thoughts:

Overall, I am very pleased with both the prices and quality of the products and will place another again next month! Stay tuned for my July Azure haul! Let me know what you all think, and also if you have any questions!

You can create an account here, then click above on the links to the products to add them to your cart!

Order from Azure Standard

*I make a small commission when you order from Azure Standard. This blesses my family and allows me to continue creating content in this space. Thank you for using my link when you try it out!

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