Our timetable, or schedule, is truly the spine of our home during the school year. It allows me to keep track of how we are spending our time during the day. It also helps me accomplish all that I want to in a school day, but also in the afternoons.

Charlotte Mason used a timetable in her PNEU programs, and since we want to stay as true to the Charlotte Mason philosophy as we can, I’ve adopted this strategy for our homeschool as well. I’m grateful for the CMEC for providing resources to members so that I can properly implement all of the lessons that need to be completed in a day and week.

Our Timetable

 I took special care in making sure that our timetable is thorough and covers all of the material and then some. You can watch a full video of me breaking down our week, and each day, lesson by lesson!

Remember that every timetable (schedule) will look different depending on your family. I only have one student in formal lessons currently, but that will change in the coming years, and our timetable will change too!

I also plan to try this out for week one and make some changes as needed depending on the pacing of our days. I will definitely keep you updated when I do make those changes!


I hope this video about our timetable was helpful to you! Thank you so much for reading!

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