Today I want to share with you how I prepared my homeschool logbook. A logbook is a place for me to keep my daily thoughts, reflections, and notes. But it also serves as a guidebook for me when planning weekly lessons. Still not certain you need one? See if the rest of this blog post and my video below can convince you!

How I Prepare My Homeschool Logbook

My brain has to hold a lot of information each day, so our homeschool logbook helps me organize through it and document as best I can. In my logbook I keep a record of our weekly lessons, weekly lesson plans, and a place for notes and lists as well as weekly reflections. It’s all in one place and it’s easy for me to access each day. I love going back through my logbook and reading my notes from even just a week ago, as it helps me prepare for future lessons.

What Notebook Do I Use?

I use the Moleskin hard cover classic notebook. It’s lined and has 192 pages. A perfect size to fit all I need to document in a year.

Section 1: Weekly Log Pages

The first section of my logbook is my weekly log pages. I have 2 two-page spreads for all 10 weeks. I draw 13 columns down and four columns across each page. Then I added in our Form 1 subjects (first grade). After that I did the same thing for our common subjects logbook pages (Bible, Poetry, Solfege, etc).

Lastly, I keep a section where I can record my reflections for each student, weekly. This allows me to take individualized notes, and so far it’s been such a great tool!


Section 2: Weekly Lesson Plans

I plan out each of our weeks based on the previous weeks logbook, so the next section is our weekly lesson plans. There’s nothing fancy about this process, I simply start by writing out the days of the week. Monday through Friday, and then a column for notes. Lastly, I’ll list our our subjects for each day based on our timetable. I fill in each space for the week and check it off as I go! Super easy and like I said, not fancy at all. But this system works wonders in keeping me organized.


Section 3: Lists and Additional Notes

I originally wanted to keep my pre-reading notes in my logbook, but I moved those to a separate paper back journal so I could carry it with me on-the-go!


Watch the Video of my Logbook Here:

I hope this blog post on how I prepare my logbook was helpful to you! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them in the comments!

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