A few weeks back I polled my Instagram readers about EMF (electro-magnetic fields/frequencies). I asked questions about whether they take steps to protect their families from EMF radiation. These questions included, “do you sleep with your phone next to you?” or “do you use your lap top on your lap?” This topic spurred great discussions, so today I want to share my thoughts with you and hopefully just shed a little bit of light on this (unnecessarily) taboo topic. Here is how I reduce my family’s EMF exposure.

How I Reduce My Family’s EMF Exposure

 I think it’s hard to picture the potential dangers of something that you can’t even see. So let’s break this down in a more digestible way. If you’re a mom, it’s possible that you’ve researched things like food, non-toxic cleaning products, and clean beauty, but now we are delving into a whole new topic. One that many people in both the scientific community and the medical community are sort of ignoring.

What is EMF?

EMF is short for electro-magnetic fields. The easiest way to describe EMF is basically just the forces around you. Any radio waves, Wi-Fi waves, cell signals, and micro waves. All of these things make up EMF.

There are two types of radiation. Ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is direct exposure to radiation and has very serious effects on the body with almost immediate exposure. An example of this would be nuclear radiation. However, non-ionizing radiation has a relatively low energy and because of that it is considered “safe”. It is a fairly controversial topic. Because there is “not enough data” on the effects of non-ionizing radiation, we assume that it’s safe. (I have this same problem with GMO’s.) But there have been studies done in the past ten years on this type of low energy radiation and those studies have proven that there are, in fact, some harmful effects to the body. They just aren’t instant; they take time. So let’s talk about why EMF radiation is potentially dangerous.

Why is EMF potentially dangerous?

Because there isn’t a massive amount of research on this topic, I don’t believe it’s talked about nearly enough. EMF radiation is said to permeate the blood brain barrier in children. One study reported that it disrupts the calcium make-up in our body’s cells. It could even be breaking down our DNA and genetic code, slowly, and over time. Lastly, melatonin suppression is a huge issue with decreased time outside in our technologically advanced world, but one study found that EMF radiation is responsible for melatonin suppression and disrupts our sleep. You can read more about the harmful effects of EMF exposure here.

How I Protect My Loved Ones

I don’t want you to think I’m perfect. Once upon a time, I used my lap top almost daily while pregnant, and I kept it on my lap. (AH!) I also used to keep my cell phone close to my baby when we were out and about so we could use the white noise machine app. Both of these things are things I would never do now, but I just wasn’t educated on it as a first time mother. But just like with anything in the health-conscious world, as we learn and grow, there are steps we can take and things we can do to protect ourselves and our family.

01. Distance is key. When it comes to radiation harm, think distance! Proximity to a device means more radiation. Sleep with your phone and other devices at least four feet away, or hopefully in another room. Try to use your lap top on a hard surface and not on your lap, and store your Wi-Fi adaptor in a room that isn’t frequently used (not the living room or bedroom!)

02. Turn off Wi-Fi at night. The melatonin production issue related to EMF exposure I mentioned earlier in this article results in a loss of quality sleep at night. We produce melatonin at night and that process is easily disrupted if the EMF radiation is suppressing our melatonin production. Besides, think energy, (energized), and sleep. They just don’t mix. When we are exposed to radio waves and magnetic waves in our sleep, our bodies cannot truly rest. Try to turn off your electronic devices at night as well.

03. Use EMF blocking products on devices.

We can’t live in a vacuum. Many of us work remotely, want to enjoy a TV show, and use our phones often in our home. Wi-Fi and cell phone signals are here and they’re here to stay. So, how we protect our family matters. Aside from my other two recommendations above, one of the best thing I did when I learned more on this subject was find some EMF radiation blocking devices.

During my research I came across DefenderShield®, a company dedicated to engineering products that shield our bodies from EMF exposure. Their custom-created Ultra Armor+™ technology can block 99.9% of both Extremely Low Frequency Radiation (ELF) and wireless (RF) radiation up to 90 GHz, including 5G. Meaning their products are highly effective. DefenderShield® technology conducts, absorbs, and dissipates potentially harmful EMF emissions using their Ultra Armor+™ Shielding technology in their products.

They have an array of products, but here is what I found to be a necessity for our home. I started with the DefenderShield® EMF radiation blocking cell phone case. This case blocks ELF radiation and RF (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular 5G) radiation. It acts as a barrier between you and your body by absorbing any of the radiation waves emitted from your cellular device. I love the handy card holder feature and carrying handle.

Next, I find that the tablet and DefenderShield® iPad EMF radiation protection case to be very useful. My daughter’s love to listen to audiobooks, but I don’t want them sitting near an electronic device for 30 minutes to an hour daily. I feel much better about them listening to their audiobooks with the DefenderShield® case to absorb that EMF radiation.

The DefenderShield® lap top EMF radiation and heat shield is must-have for me, as I work on my lap top quite a bit at night. The lap top EMF radiation and heat shield comes in three colors, has a grip so your lap top doesn’t slide around, and of course offers that highly effective technology that conducts, absorbs, and dissipates harmful EMF emissions.

04. Use a Wi-Fi router cage if possible. This device blocks the signal from permeating across your home, however, the best thing you can do is turn off your Wi-Fi completely at night!

Shop EMF Shielding Products from DefenderShield®

DefenderShield cell phone case | DefenderShield head phones | DefenderShield lap top radiation shield | DefenderShield Tablet EMF Radiation Protection Case

If I were pregnant I would definitely invest in this product. My husband loves these headphones for his work calls, since he has to be on the phone or on video calls for most of the day.

Learn More About EMF Exposure

This article is very helpful in breaking down the basics!

I love the Wellness Mama podcast, and her info on EMF radiation and exposure was extremely helpful when I was educating myself.

I hope this post on how I reduce my family’s EMF exposure was helpful to you! It’s something I didn’t think about until after I got pregnant with my first child, but I hope that this can be a help to so many of you! Best of luck, and thank you so much for reading.

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