We are two weeks from closing out the school year, and we just finished up our math program for the year! My daughter is in Kindergarten and we completed the Kindergarten Math With Confidence program together as part of our homeschool. I decided to write out a few of my thoughts about the program, so keep reading to learn about our experience!

Kindergarten Math With Confidence Review

Kindergarten Math With Confidence has actually only been out for a few months. I purchased it in the beginning of the year because I had done the Preschool Math at Home program as part of our homeschool preschool year. The program has an instructor guide for the teacher and a student workbook component, so two pieces to purchase for the year. It’s a year-long, and structured in a very sensible way. It builds up on itself but also integrates real-world with math concepts, which I love! I wrote out my pros and cons below, but you can also watch the video to see everything I wrote in this blog post!

Kindergarten Math With Confidence Review Video:

Kindergarten Math With Confidence Flip-Through Video:

If you’re interested in seeing inside the workbook and instructor guide, watch this video:


01. The lessons are short and sweet. Some math can get repetitive and drag on, but the pacing and structure of the lessons was perfectly bite-sized for my five-year-old.

02. It’s (almost) completely open-and-go. There’s very minimal prep for this program. Some days, I didn’t have to prep at all, and other days I had a maximum of five minutes of prep before we started the lesson. They, of course, go much smoother when you’re all prepped beforehand!

03. The activities are extremely easy to implement. The lessons are scripted, so the parent portion is in bold, and that’s exactly what you say as you teach! I also love how simple the activities are! We created a little store for learning coin value, used cups and water for learning weight and capacity, etc, and I loved it all. It’s definitely not worksheet only!

04. The lessons start with a hands-on activity that usually relates to the real world. Like I said, the activities are super hands-on, so for example, when learning to count to 20, Kate Snow has your child, not only counting out loud, but jumping that many times (hello, kinesthetic learning) and clapping that many times. She also has great idea for using manipulatives for different units.


01. I wish there were more years! I don’t know what Kate Snow’s plans are, but we’ve done both her Preschool Math at Home and Kindergarten Math With Confidence curriculums! I loved them and wished she had a first grade one.

I hope this Kindergarten Math With Confidence review is helpful to you! Let me know if you have any additional questions and I’m happy to answer them.


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