Why You Should Invest in a Linen Dress

I’ve had a love affair with linen since my teaching days. (Which were around five years ago now, whoa!) I was that teacher who¬†always wore a dress to school. Mostly because it felt like I was wearing pajamas and not uncomfortable work pants. Today I’m sharing a few reasons why you may want to invest in a linen dress. Later, I also share where this gorgeous sage green linen dress is from.

What is linen?

Linen is an age-old textile that really has never gone out of style. It’s made from the fibers found in the stems of a flax plant. Linen is naturally an off-white color, but can be several different shades, naturally. There are also several companies who naturally dye linen for their garments. But basically, all you need to know is that linen is made from a plant! So why should you buy linen? See below to find out.

01. A linen dress will last forever.

Linen is durable. It can withstand wear from both actually wearing, and washing. Linen also holds it’s shape extremely well.

02. Linen is a sustainable fabric.

Since linen is made from a flax plant, it is a natural fabric (aka, not synthetic). Synthetic fibers, like polyester, build up in our environment and create huge issues for our planet. It’s much better for you and for our planet to buy natural fibers… which in this case, linen fits the bill!

03. A linen dress can double as a skirt.

As you can see below, I have a linen dress on under two different sweaters and two separate occasions. (Two different years actually.) I’m a huge fan of wearing and rewearing the clothing in your closet. A dress is a whole outfit by itself! Extraordinary! But linen dresses like these double as gorgeous gathered skirts under sweaters, shirts, or even leather jackets. Yes. I’ve done it. I love a good mixture of textures in an outfit!

04. Linen is comfortable, light, and airy.

Lastly, like I stated in the beginning of this article, linen is comfortable. It’s made to be worn. I love how it feels on, and I love how durable it is. It’s the perfect summer fabric because it’s thin, light, and airy, but it’s truly a fabric that can be worn year round, as you see below!

Where to Find My Linen Dresses:

I have seen linen popping up everywhere, and I’m so happy about it! It’s in Madewell, J.Crew, and even Nordstrom. Finally, fast fashion is catching on. It’s a step in the right direction as a sustainable planet and as a sustainable consumer, I try to shop linen when I can! Even though fast fashion is starting to product linen items, I love to support small, family-owned shops when I purchase linen. My two favorite places to find linen dresses are below.

SHOP Not Perfect Linen

Long sleeve Mama dress (color: Sage size: x-small) gifted

SHOP Son de Flor

Smock dresses (color: natural and black, sizes: x-small) gifted two years ago

SHOP Pyne & Smith

(my dresses not pictured, but I love their pattern offerings. I have the blue and white check, and a navy striped one as well.)

I hope today’s blog post about why you should invest in a linen dress was helpful to you! Thank you so much for reading!

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