Babaá No. 15 Jumper Review

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Babaá Knitwear. Not only are their sweaters extremely warm, they are wonderful quality and made to last. When I was trying to shop for one to add to my closet I had a difficult time finding quality reviews. So I’m doing a little series on the various styles Babaá offers so you can see how each sweater style and fit looks in real life. Today I’m reviewing the Babaá Knitwear No. 15 review.

Basic Info:

  • 225.00 (which is about $273 USD)
  • Comes in only one size
  • Free Shipping
  • 100% eco spanish wool
  • comes in 6+ colors. various neutrals and a few others, like red
  • Made in Spain

Materials & Care:

The sweater is made from 100% eco Spanish wool from humanely treated sheep in Northern Spain. It should be hand washed and you’ll want to lay flat to dry, and since wool has anti-microbial properties, it doesn’t need to be washed often. (I never wash my wool!)

Fit Sizing:

This item is a “one size” item, meaning one size fits ‘most’. It fits me well, but I’m typically a small in clothing, so I wasn’t too concerned for myself. However, I knew I’d get questions about this, and I thought this being just one size would be a huge issue for petite or plus size body types, but, I’ve seen several women style these sweaters comfortably even with just the one size. I think it’s just a personal preference thing.

The specific fit of this sweater is very tailored through the bodice, a bit cropped at the waistline, but the sleeves are loose and comfortable, so it gives the sweater more of a slouchy feeling. I compare the fit of this piece to the Babaá Turtleneck Sweater in this post here.

Notable Mentions:

This fabric is so warm. I love how cozy it is. It’s amazing with jeans or leggings, but my personal favorite way to style this piece is over a dress! It’s fun and unexpected, but something I’ll do every spring and fall to take my sweaters and dresses into different seasons!

How to Style the Babaá No. 15 Jumper

Outfit One: Babaá No. 15 Jumper | 10-inch high rise skinny | Hiking Boots | Puffer Jacket

I wore this outfit hiking mid-January with my family! I love how this wool knit holds up well for a dressy occasion but it’s super comfortable and useful for staying warm during outdoor adventures. My coat is a size small, and luckily it fits okay with the bulky wool sweater. Some coats won’t layer well with it, so try all of your favorites. If you don’t get rain often, you might be okay in just the sweater to keep warm!

Outfit Two: Babaá No. 15 Jumper | 10-inch high rise skinny | cognac ‘harper’ mules

For this outfit, I was thinking, weekend coffee date or book club! I love the mules because they dress up the otherwise same outfit in the first photo. I’m a sucker for neutrals, so this undyed cream color with the cognac gives me life!

Outfit Three: (coming soon) Babaá No. 15 Jumper |

I wanted to show you how I style a sweater over a dress to make it look like a skirt. I love this cut of sweater because it’s cropped, so it looks great with dresses. Some sweaters are too long, and don’t work for this style! But the Babaá no. 15 is perfect for this type of outfit!

Overall, I really love this timeless closet staple. I hope this review of the Babaá No. 15 Jumper  was helpful to you! If you have any additional questions, I’ll do my best to answer them below.

So, which  one is your favorite? Would you ever purchase a Babaá No. 15 Jumper? If you do, I linked it throughout this post and below as well.

Shop the Babaá No. 15 Jumper

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