I’ve wanted to try out Thrive Market since I first heard about it back in 2016. It’s taken almost four years, but here I am. Today, I’m sharing an unboxing of my very first Thrive Market unboxing. Keep reading to see my first impressions of using the website, ordering the items, and see a video of what I received in my first Thrive Market box!

My First Thrive Market Unboxing

Why Thrive Market?

I’ve wanted to try Thrive Market for years! I never have due to the fact that I love grocery shopping. I used to take the kids each week and we’d make an outing of it. I really miss it, but pandemic life lends itself to more time at home, and grocery pick-up has been our friend for almost a year now. While I do miss shopping in person, I really like the idea of having our household staples sent to our front door. I’m trying out Thrive Market because they’re all organic, non-GMO online grocery service that carries premium brands at low prices.

I paid a membership fee of $60 for the year, but I get 25-50% off my favorite brands, so it’s a win for me. My husband and I sat down and compared prices of what we currently play ordering our groceries on Prime Now, and what we would pay if we ordered them monthly on Thrive Market and we ultimately decided to do away with Prime Now orders and focus solely on Thrive for our packaged foods, and our local co-op for our fresh produce.


First Impression

The first time I used the Thrive Market app, I was impressed. I love that you can search for products by diet. You can search for “paleo” “organic” or “vegan” products. I also love the variety of brands available. Some of the products we use are hard to find. I like certain flours, oats, and unrefined sugars in my processed foods. This makes it tricky to search for products locally, so having them shipped directly to us saves us so much time.

I’m also impressed with how quickly the box shipped after I ordered it. It took maybe three days total? We have a box shipped to us automatically each month now, but it’s nice to know I can get what I need quickly.

I made a master list in the Thrive Market app of our “pantry staples” so that I never have to go through all of the basic products I know I’ll order like peanut butter or maple syrup. I love how easy and user-friendly the interface is. I spend a lot of time ordering groceries, (four times per month at least) so I want the online experience to be seamless.


A few Notable Mentions

-Boxes ship free as long as they’re above $49.

-You can sign up for auto-ship and manage how often staple items are delivered to your door.

-You get 10% off each item that you have auto-shipped. (It adds up!)

-You have three days to edit your auto-ship box before it gets sent out (and they give you notice so you can edit if needed).

-Sometimes there are products out of stock, and that’s a bummer, but they let you know each month.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m very impressed with Thrive Market. I like that they carry products I can’t normally find in stores. I also get discounts on premium, organic products that I’d otherwise pay more for elsewhere. Lastly, being able to shop by diet is helpful when trying out new products. If you are interested in trying out Thrive Market, hit the link below to grab a free gift up to $24 with your first order!

I hope this unboxing video was helpful to you! Thank you so much for watching!


Click here to try out Thrive Market and claim your free $24 gift.

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