Are you ready to simplify your child’s closet? One of the easiest ways to do that is to create a capsule wardrobe for kids. The capsule wardrobe consists of 10-15 key pieces that can be styled several ways to create many outfits! Keep reading to find out what I have in my daughter’s capsule wardrobes.

How to Create a Fall Capsule Wardrobe for Kids

I had first heard about the capsule wardrobe a few years back via Pinterest. But the capsule wardrobe I read about so often was more for women who were interested in simplifying their own wardrobe. I took a little capsule wardrobe challenge back in 2017 for myself and quickly realized how wonderful this concept would translate to my kid’s closets.

I started doing seasonal capsules for my first daughter when she was around three-years-old. Now she is five, and I have another child so I create a capsule for each of them every season! Capsule wardrobes are truly a wonderful and simple tool for moms.


Why A Fall Capsule Wardrobe for Kids?

01. Capsule wardrobes help keep me organized. I know exactly what’s in each of my child’s capsule, so it allows me to stay extremely organized! I don’t have an overflowing closet of clothes for my kids. We have just our seasonal capsule hanging up, a drawer for each of them with pajamas, and a few extra items that each child will grow into in a small bin under the bed.

02. Keeping capsule wardrobes for my kids helps me refrain from unnecessary spending. Since I know exactly what we have, I don’t have to overspend throughout the season on new clothing. I also don’t have to worry if my children will grow out of an item mid-season. I stock up on what we need before each season begins, and those last us a good three to four months. I try to keep what we purchase under a specific price each season.

03. A capsule wardrobe allows for my children to have options. My two-year-old is already very opinionated about her clothing. Keeping a simplified wardrobe makes it easy for her to choose her own outfit. Most of the items match well, so she can pick whatever shirt, pants, or dress she wants to wear.

04. It allows my daughters independence. My daughter’s love being independent, so having the options and allowing them to pick their outfits gives them freedom within the color palette and styles I’ve chosen for their capsules. (This will probably change as they get older, and I’m happy to have their input when picking out their capsule pieces!)

05. Kids grow quickly. Keep your life simple and don’t buy a vast amount of clothing all in the same size. Buy a few key pieces that will fit them for a few months (and hold up) in order to reduce waste.

Now that you know why capsule wardrobes are the greatest thing ever… here’s what we keep in my daughters’ capsule wardrobes!

What’s in A Capsule Wardrobe for Kids?

Here’s what I have in my daughters’ fall capsule wardrobes this year. Their summer capsule would have things like shorts and swimsuits, but this is more of a fall/winter capsule, so keep that in mind.

01. 4 shirts. If you have a boy, this will be a higher number, but my girls love dresses, so we do half shirts and half dresses! I love this top from The Simple Folk. It’s made from linen and the ruffles are absolutely perfect. They also have a few basic tee’s and long-sleeve tops. Mostly white, grey, and blush pink.

02. 2-4 dresses. My daughter’s love dresses. In addition to a few “twirly dresses” I bought for them last summer that still fit, I added four new dresses to their closet. See them here, here, here and here.

03. 2 pair of jeans. Neither of my daughter’s like jeans, so we just have one pair of jeans from The Simple Folk that we are trying. They also each have a pair of jeggings from a long time ago that still fit my five-year-old, and my youngest has a couple of hand-me-down jeggings.

04. 4-6 pairs of leggings. Since we live where it gets a little chilly during the winter months, I keep around five pairs of leggings for my daughters to either wear under their dresses or with their long-sleeve tops.

05. 2 hoodies or fleece jackets. We live where there are seasons, so I usually have at least a couple of knits + jackets for my girls. These can be used as layers under their rain jacket going into winter and will usually get used at least a year or two! I buy a couple of sizes too big. 😉

06. 2-3 sweaters. Same ideas as above! I love the sweaters I chose for the girls from The Simple Folk. This chunky knit and this cardigan will last us a couple of years!

07. 1 rain jacket. I usually buy hunter boots secondhand, if I can find them, for my kids.

08. 1 pair of rain boots.

09. 1 pair tennis shoes. I find that one pair of each style of shoe is plenty since they grow out of these so quickly.

10. 1 pair boots.

11. 2-3 pairs long boot socks and 2-3 pairs tights.

What Do I Look For When Shopping for My Kids’ Capsule Wardrobes?

-Comfort: Clothing is like a second-skin. I want my children to be able to climb trees, lounge, and play in their clothes. Comfort is a must!

-Sustainability: I look for brands that sell clothing made from organic cotton, linen, or muslin. These materials hold up extremely well to wear, wash, and more. I usually try to find a brand like The Simple Folk that has GOTS and OEKO-TEX® certification.

-Longevity: Like I said, I choose clothing made from quality materials in order to ensure longevity. Usually there are quiet a few pieces that still fit my girls that can be carried over into the next capsule!

-Simplicity: You might not know this about me (wink face) but I love neutrals. I like simple and clean when I shop for myself and the same goes for when I shop for my daughters. They don’t need busy clothing dressed in cartoon graphics to take away from their shining personalities!

fall Capsule Wardrobe for Kids Checklist


10-12 shirts and/or dresses

2 pair of jeans

4-6 pairs of leggings

2 hoodies or fleece jackets

2-3 sweaters

1 rain jacket

1 pair of rain boots

1 pair tennis shoes

1 pair boots

2-3 pairs long boot socks

2-3 pairs tights

undergarments + regular socks








10-12 shirts

2 pair of jeans

4-6 pairs of pants

2 hoodies or fleece jackets

2-3 sweaters

1 rain jacket

1 pair of rain boots

1 pair tennis shoes

1 pair boots

3-6 pairs warm socks

undergarments + regular socks





Do you plan on trying a fall capsule wardrobe for your kids? What are some of your favorite places to get pieces?


Thank you so much for reading!


*Special thanks to The Simple Folk for providing my daughter’s with some of their favorite high-comfort, sustainable clothing pieces for this season!


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