I’m always fascinated at how other homeschool families set-up and organize their supplies, books, and curriculums. Maybe it’s the organizer in me, but it’s super interesting! I’ve done a few different videos on our homeschool materials, but this one is dedicated to our homeschool math basket. Keep reading to see more!

What’s in Our Homeschool Math Basket?

Why Do We Have a Math Basket?

Every time my daughter and I sit down to work on her math, I find myself constantly needing things like index cards, highlighters, counters, etc.. I quickly realized that I needed a place to store all of the math materials in one spot. So, then, the math basket was born! It’s a pretty fabulous thing. We pull it out, do our math, and everything I could possibly need for her lesson is right there in front of me!



Counting + Sorting Bears


Wooden Counting Balls

Wooden Numbers Tracing Board

Wooden Numbers

Wooden Ten Frame

Wooden Hundreds Chart

Number Bean Bags

Number Flashcards



Index Cards

Loose change (quarters, pennies, dimes, nickels)

Math Curriculum


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Paper Cutter



I hope this post about my our homeschool math basket is helpful to you!

Thank you so much for reading!


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