Morning time with my kids is a special part of our homeschool day. But, recently, I’ve witnessed the importance of a mother’s morning time. It’s a time to decompress, to “wake-up” the right way, with books, reflection, and lots of beauty. Today, I’m sharing what I keep in my “mother’s morning basket”. Keep reading to see more!

My Homeschool “Mother’s Morning Basket”

Why A Morning Basket For Mom?

You may be asking yourself: “why do I (mom) need a morning basket? I’m done with school!”

Well, friend, you are done with “school” years but you are never done learning! The mother’s morning basket houses books, journals, and other helpful items that make the days smoother and more beautiful. Here’s what Charlotte Mason has to say about growing yourself.

Charlotte Mason and “Mother Culture”

Mother Culture refers to the growing a mother does of herself, and not just of her children! Charlotte Mason was a huge advocate for mothers continuing their own education and interests, and she mentions it frequently in her writings.

What is Mother Culture?

All quotes taken from Charlotte Mason’s PNEU article, “Mother Culture”

“If we would do our best for our children, grow we must; and on our power of growth surely depends, not only our future happiness, but our future usefulness.”

-Charlotte Mason

“Each mother must settle this for herself. She must weigh things in the balance. She must see which is the most important–the time spent in luxuriously gloating over the charms of her fascinating baby, or what she may do with that time to keep herself ‘growing’ for the sake of that baby ‘some day,’ when it will want her even more than it does now.” 

-Charlotte Mason

The wisest woman I ever knew–the best wife, the best mother, the best mistress, the best friend–told me once, when I asked her how, with her weak health and many calls upon her time, she managed to read so much, ‘I always keep three books going–a stiff book, a moderately easy book, and a novel, and I always take up the one I feel fit for!’ That is the secret; always have something ‘going’ to grow by. If we mothers were all ‘growing’ there would be less going astray among our boys, less separation in mind from our girls.” 

-Charlotte Mason

I shared a video of what I keep in my mother’s morning time basket below, but here is a list of what’s in it with appropriate links.


Planner/Agenda: Golden Coil

Bible: She Reads Truth Bible

Devotional: Mom Heart Moments by Sally Clarkson

Prayer Journal

Val Marie Paper Co.

Book of Mottoes

Classical Piano Solos Sheet Music


Reading Material:

Charlotte Mason recommended you have one of each of these in your reading queue at all times: one novel, one informational book, one light read. Here’s what I’m currently reading!

Awakening Wonder

The Charlotte Mason Companion

Anne of Avonlea


I hope this post about my mother’s morning basket is helpful to you!

Thank you so much for reading!


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