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If you followed my website or Instagram last year you know that we used Gentle + Classical Preschool for our first year of homeschool! It was honestly one of the most wonderful years of my motherhood journey. I loved the Gentle + Classical Preschool programs so much! Today, I want to give you a quick peek at the ALL NEW Gentle + Classical Nature program! Keep reading to see more!

A Look Inside The *All New* Gentle + Classical Nature




We used the Gentle + Classical Preschool programs last year. You can find my review of Gentle + Classical Preschool Level 2 here.

I hope this look into the all new Gentle + Classical Nature program was helpful to you! Let me know if you have any questions!


Are you new to homeschool? I run a membership for new homeschool families! It’s called Thriving at Home. You can learn more here.



Thank you so much for watching!

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