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This is our second year homeschooling my daughter! It’s been a very rewarding journey! I shared a recap of our year here. But now I want to share our curriculum choices for the new school year! Join me for a unboxing of my 2020-2021 homeschool curriculum reveal for my Kindergartener/first grader!

2020-2021 Homeschool Curriculum Reveal

We take a very heavy Charlotte Mason approach to our homeschool. Meaning, lots of living books, lots of time outdoors, and lots of narration. Also, it’s a very gentle approach to learning. I love her philosophies because they feel natural. Especially in early childhood. Before I share my choices I want to share the top three programs I considered!


A Gentle Feast
Simply Charlotte Mason
Ambleside Online

To be honest, I hard a hard time choosing, as all of the programs are absolutely wonderful. I just went with Simply Charlotte Mason because I love how tried and true their products are. They provide wonderful resources like art portfolios, and poet studies that I knew I wanted to include in our Charlotte Mason homeschool!

Lastly, I do want to participate in Classical Conversations at some point, and was going to start this year, but with the pandemic and uncertainty around our local groups, I have decided to wait it out and see how things are next year instead!

Anyway, with all that said, here are my curriculum picks for my five-year-old this coming school year!

Watch My Curriculum Unboxing Video



For morning time, we’ll be doing our traditional Charlotte Mason structure of three 12 week long terms. We’ll include bible, poet study, artist study, composer study, and a foreign language. I’ll also include habit training this year! Below you can find the links to the products I’m using from Simply Charlotte Mason.
Enrichment studies (morning time) lesson plans – this is family style, so you buy one per family! There are recommendations for each age group in the lesson plans which is wonderful! (For me, personally, I am only schooling one age group right now, so I still can’t decide if this was worth buying – next year I’m considering planning out my own morning time lesson plans!)
Poet Study
Habit Training
Term 1 Artist Study (one of three)

For morning time, our beauty loop also includes nature, foreign language, and music lessons!

For foreign language (French) we are using The Cultured Kid (see a sample lesson in below – we started this about a month ago, and LOVE the structure!), and Keyndergarten montessori piano lessons (which we’ve already started and are loving!)

Our nature curriculum this year is Exploring Nature With Children. We’ll be doing this all week, but nature-journaling during morning time weekly!


My daughter is five and currently we are working through Kate Snow’s new program, Kindergarten Math at Home. I wrote a quick post about it here. We love it so much, but know we’ll be finished with it before the year ends, so I ordered Simply Charlotte Mason’s math program to start one once we are done with this Kindergarten curriculum!


We started the Handwriting Without Tears program with my daughter last year and we’ve loved it, but like reading and math, I’m letting her take it at her own pace! We are about halfway done with it so we will continue using it this coming year. I highly recommend it!



My daughter worked through the Dash Into Reading books last year, and absolutely loves them. As a parent I like that they’re worksheet-free and bite-sized for short, sweet reading sessions. We will be continuing this program this year, but may need to start the Simply Charlotte Mason Delightful Reading program (level 2) that I purchased for her!



G and I have read several books together this past year. I have several on my list for this coming school year, and I think I’ll share those in a separate space. I do know that we will be starting the school year with A Little Princess!



I love that Simply Charlotte Mason has children learning history, bible, and geography together. It just makes sense to me! We are starting this year with Ancients! Here are the resources and living books I got that go along with that program:



I hope this post about my 2020-2021 homeschool curriculum reveal was helpful to you!

Thanks you so much for reading!


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