I am so excited about this blog post today! We just received the brand new Kindergarten Math With Confidence curriculum by Kate Snow! I bought it as soon as I knew it was out because we loved using Preschool Math at Home with my 4-year-old last year. Now that my daughter is five, we am going to use this over the summer and into the fall! Keep reading to see my first-thoughts and some key components I’ve noted about the curriculum! Keep reading to learn more!

Kindergarten Math With Confidence Curriculum Review

Key Points

-Best for children ages 5-6

-Child doesn’t need any formal math program prior to this, but it does help if they can hold and pencil and count to 10!

-Loved that she included a note about frustration. If your child seems frustrated, take a step back and give them a break for a week or two, then come back to it!

-There are 10 units. Each unit divided into 2-5 weeks. This makes a total of 32 weeks.

-There’s a “Math book of the Week” which I love! It’s a read-aloud that goes along with the concept. Love that Snow attached the math to literature!

-Lesson Structure: review warm-up, hands-on activity, and then workbook page last. I really like that the author emphasizes the importance of hands-on activities for young children. Math is a very tactile subject at this age!

-Lesson length is usually 15 minutes or less!

-Check point pages help you decide whether to move onto a new unit or stay on the current one until your child is ready!


NOTE: If you want to see the student workbook pages and the teacher workbook, watch the video below!




I hope this little review and flip-through of the Kindergarten Math With Confidence curriculum by Kate Snow was helpful to you! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll answer them as best I can!

Thank you so much for reading!


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