After almost two years of requests, it’s finally ready! Here is my updated baby carrier collection! Baby carriers are an item that I’ve used since day one with my first baby (who is now almost five!) I’ve tried several different types of carriers, and as many of you know, babywearing became sort of a hobby for me. I really enjoy sharing information about carriers and how to wear your babies, so thank you for indulging me!

Keep reading to see my updated baby carrier collection! I also linked to my YouTube video where I share all of my carriers. Plus, I share a few tips on why I chose these for my collection! See what I’ve kept around, and all of the new carriers I’ve tried in the past couple years below!

My (Updated) Baby Carrier Collection

Here is a photo of all my carriers in one spot. If you’re a seasoned babywearer, you may recognize a lot of these! However, if you’re completely new to babywearing, I suggest you start with reading this babywearing for beginner’s guide I wrote a few years back. It offers a wealth of information on all of the different types of carriers you’ll see in this video!



Tula baby carriers were my very first introduction to babywearing (other than stretchy wraps). I love them so much. The print options and the amount of support offered when wearing the Tula baby carriers is really incredible. They’ll probably always be my favorites, and super special to me, as many of these have been used with both of my children.

I have one toddler Tula and one Free-to-Grow size. The rest are standard size, which I prefer! You can see more about the Tula carrier sizes in this video here.


Woven wraps are so cozy. They’re great for all kinds of carries! I talk more about the different ways to wrap with them in this blog post here, but here are all of the wraps I currently have in my collection!

Most of my wraps are from Pavo. Some are handwoven and others are machine-woven. I really love the reddish handwoven one. It’s from Stewed Rhubarb Handmade. The brown one is also handwoven and it’s from Solara Wovens.


I didn’t try Sakura Bloom carriers until I had my second baby around two years ago. I am so glad I did though! The minimalistic design and look of these carriers is just beyond! Plus, their color ways speak to my neutrals-loving heart!



Some of my favorite carriers didn’t get their own photo. I really love the Wildbird Slings and the Bamberoo and Obimama soft structured carriers! You can see them all in the first two photos, or watch the video below to see me talk more in depth about them!




I hope you enjoyed this blog post about my updated baby carrier collection!

Thank you so much for reading!



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