Many of us are home quite a bit more due to the current state of our country. I am fortunate that spending time at home with my girls was already part of my daily routine before all of this began. Therefore, it’s important to me to share any and all of the tools I can with you so that you feel more equipped to tackle each day! So, I’m going to share a few easy movement and memorization songs that are fun for your kids (and you) and will help them get their wiggles out too! Bonus! Some of these will teach them educational skills! Keep reading to see my curated toddler playlist for movement and memorization!

Curated Toddler Playlist for Movement & Memorization

Movement and song are wonderful strategies to help aid in memorization! I used both every day in my Kindergarten classroom! When I would teach my students skills (counting by 10’s, the days of the week) etc, they were almost always more likely to remember it if it was put to song or had some sort of hand motions. In fact, many of these songs were created for teachers, by teachers! Dr. Jean Feldman is a master teacher. She has released so many albums with helpful songs! “Days of the Week” and “Months of the Year” are some of my favorites for younger kiddos. But you can view the whole playlist below!

Why Music & Movement?

I put together songs that teach patterns, shapes, counting, colors, spelling, and all the skills your child may want to learn in those formative years. I put this on for my girls, not to drill it in their heads, but to have fun, and show them that we can learn things while we dance or sing! I also don’t even point out anything while we listen to them. I just put it on, and then before you know it, your two-year-old will be spelling “s-u-n-n-y” when talking about the weather one day!

So the first few songs help with skills, and the other songs (towards the end) are more fun movement and fun! My girls really love the bear hunt song as well as the daisy dance ballet positions.

Pro-tip: Do this with your kids! Don’t turn it on to keep them busy. Stand up and move with them! Chances are you’ll have so much fun and end up laughing + in a better mood by the end of it!


Click here to view it/follow the playlist on Spotify!


If you don’t have Spotify, I’m sure you can purchase some of these songs on iTunes or you might be able to find them on other streaming services, like Pandora! I hope my curated toddler playlist for movement and memorization post was helpful to you!


Thank you so much for reading!



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