I recently got to try out the new Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller in the new Pottery Barn Kids Broken Arrow Caviar print. Nuna is a baby product brand I’ve been fond of since the early days of my motherhood journey! We had a Nuna PIPA infant car seat for my now 4.5 year old, and honestly I now wish I’d had the DEMI Grow stroller back then! Keep reading to see my full review of the stroller.

Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller Review

As a mother to two kids now, I’ve tried my fair share of double strollers. There are just some things that moms consider necessity when it comes to a good stroller. (Especially a double stroller!) The ease of opening and closing is important. Also, how functional is it? A big basket down below is a must. Nice cozy seats and a big oversized sun shade or high on my list too. There are just some things moms look for in a quality double stroller. Here are a few reasons I think the Nuna DEMI Grow stroller fits that bill.

 Reasons to Love The Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller


01. This stroller has 23 configurations. It can be used in single, double, or twin mode.

The Nuna DEMI Grow stroller can be paired with the Sibling Seat (what you see pictured above), or the DEMI bassinet. It is also compatible with both the Nuna PIPA and Nuna PIPA LITE infant carseats. I love that the upper seat can face toward the parent or face out. It’s great to have the option for both.

02. The seat has a one-hand, 3 position reclining seat.

Sometimes we are out on long weekend adventures and we run into nap time! Having the reclining seat is a game changer for when my 22 month old still needs her nap. She’s fallen asleep in it twice already! I usually wear her in the carrier for naps, but this has been so nice on my back. Sometimes it needs a break!

03. It accommodates children 6 months to 50 pounds.

My other double stroller only holds children up to 35 pounds, so my 4.5 year old outgrew that option quickly. She doesn’t always use a stroller, but sometimes she wants to rest her legs on our long nature walks. It’s been great to have the Sibling Seat for that purpose!

04. It stands when folded.

I know this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but there’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a parking lot and having to lay the whole stroller on the ground before you put it in the trunk. I love that I can close this and let it stand there while I finish getting my girls in. It also stores nicely in our garage storage closet for when it isn’t in my trunk!

05. You can use it on a nature walk or at the grocery store!

The customizable dual suspension makes it easy to switch back and forth from rough, bumpy surfaces to smooth surfaces. I’ve been to the grocery store, the mall, and on two separate nature hikes with this same stroller in the past few weeks!



Other Notable Features

I really love the sleek, sophisticated look of the stroller. It feels like a quality product to me. I can tell Nuna put a lot of thought into the function of the stroller. Even with the Sibling Seat down there, there’s still room for my purse, and our water bottles for our nature walks. Without the Sibling Seat, the basket is huge.

As a mama who both welcomes sun exposure, but likes to be cautious about the amount, I’m very into the oversized removable, extendable and protective UPF 50+ canopy. On our walks, I’ll sometimes keep the shade open to get some Vitamin D, but not for long. I know sun exposure can be a tricky thing, so having a quality shade that really works is key. It also has an extendable pull-out dream drape™ that provides my little one with additional sun coverage.

The print I have is the new Pottery Barn Kids x Nuna print from their Broken Arrow Caviar Collection that launched this year. Like I said, I’m in love with the design and look of the stroller. If you’re interested in seeing more about it, check it out here!




I hope this review of the Nuna DEMI Grow Stroller was helpful to you! I can see us using it for many years to come!

Thank you so much for reading!

*Pottery Barn Kids and Nuna gifted me this product for review. All opinions and reviews are 100% my own!

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  1. Any negative thoughts regarding second seat always being below? I can’t decide between nuna or uppababy vista because the vista you can put both seats forwards. I feel like the kids would be able to see more? Tell me if it doesn’t matter hah. I have the pipa in birch so of course the Demi grow goes better haha

    1. Hi Morgan!

      Hm, I have both of them actually! I prefer the Nuna over the Vista, just because of the quality! My oldest is also four, so we don’t get a ton of use out of our second seat in either, however it is so nice to have! I know I’m not much help! We really don’t mind having the seat below though! It’s been great for us so far!

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