I know what you’re thinking. Wow, this girl makes her own hand soap? It must be complicated. Well, it’s not, my friend! It’s something that’s saved me a ton of money. It also keeps unnecessary plastic out of landfills! Keep reading to see how I make my own two ingredient non-toxic homemade foaming hand soap at home.

Two Ingredient Non-Toxic Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

I was paying a ridiculous amount for a non-toxic foaming hand soap at my local health foods store. Like, $7 a bottle. We have six sinks in our house, so that’s around $40 a month on HAND SOAP. It was too much. So, then one day I realized I could reuse the dispenser, so I started buying the soap refill. But I was still buying a giant jug of liquid and having to dispose of the jug. It felt wasteful, and still really expensive.

Then I finally realized I could TOTALLY make my own soap from Castille soap, so that’s exactly what I do now! I don’t buy soap dispensers (because single-use plastic is SO 2002.) I’m also making a soap that I feel safe using on my children since I know all of the ingredients, and the best part is I’m saving SO MUCH MONEY.

Have I convinced you to try this out yet? Oh good. Keep reading to see how to make it! Here you go!




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What You’ll Need:

How To Make It:

01. Pour a bit of the olive oil into the dispenser.

02. Add about 2 tablespoons of the Dr. Bronner’s soap.

03. Fill up the rest of the jar with water.

That’s it! You’ve successfully made your own hand soap! Now get out there and make some more! You’re helping the environment by eliminating single-use plastic AND saving money!


I hope this post about my two ingredient non-toxic homemade foaming hand soap was helpful to you!

Thank you so much for reading!



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