After sharing my meal plan for the week on instagram last week, I received many questions about the acrylic family calendar we have on our wall! We have it in our kitchen, and it truly is our family headquarters. Any appointments, weekly scheduled activities, and our meal plan are posted here. We also label “family days” (weekends), and keep a running list of things we need to grab at the store. We look at this multiple times a day, and it’s helped so much with our family communication! If you’re on the market, I’ve written a little bit about it and why we love it!

Our Acrylic Family Calendar

This calendar is from an Etsy shop called Circle & Square Decor. I’ve personally spoken with the owner, (though we did buy this with our own money – this isn’t sponsored) and she is a gem! The Type A in me nerds out big time at the beginning of each month! I love filling out the calendar with our special days and schedule. The hearts on the weekend mean “family days” so my 4 year old knows when those are. She’s also learned her days of the week from having this posted! I keep the little pink marker on whatever day it is. I move it daily!

Here are some other reasons we love this acrylic calendar!

01. It has a modern, sleek design.

This is something I feel comfortable displaying in my home. It’s minimal and doesn’t take away from decor, but it’s extremely classy! Every time we have someone over, they ask about it! I love the bold, black letters, but there are tons of color options if the black isn’t your style!

02. It’s easy to erase and rewrite.

With juggling the schedules for four different people, it can get difficult to set things in stone! I love that this can be used with dry erase markers for easy schedule switching! Plus, there’s no scribbling needed!

03. It’s customizable.

I love that this calendar is customizable. Plus, you’re supporting a small business by buying from etsy shop! Win win!

04. It’s extremely easy to hang!

My husband (who does a ton of house hanging for us) was very impressed with how organized and easy the directions were to follow for hanging this piece. We hung it in one try, no problem! It looks so nice when it’s mounted too. You can’t see any nails, holes, etc!

05. It’s not vinyl. Meaning it will last FOREVER.

This calendar is professionally printed on the back, not a sticker that will peel off. The quality is insane, so I felt good about the money it cost for this purchase. I’m not kidding when I say we use it daily.


What size do we have?

We purchased the 31″ x 23″ size, and it’s perfect for our kitchen wall!

We also added a personalization note: champagne gold, only “notes” “to do” on the side part!



I hope this post about our acrylic family calendar is helpful to you! Thank you so much for reading!

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