Welcome to week one of my meal sharing for #Veganuary! I started eating a plant based diet around four years ago, and haven’t really looked back! I’m extremely passionate about feeding my family whole foods, and have loved sharing about it on social media pretty much from the beginning! If you haven’t already, be sure to read my post about my meal-planning process and to grab a downloadable menu planner!

Also, I shared a post and video of one week of vegan meals a few years back if you’re interested in watching that, click here. Otherwise keep reading to see what we are eating this week!

One Week of Vegan Meals – Part One

A FEW NOTES: 1. I did include whether or not we would serve specific things to our children. My 1 year old still can’t have some foods due to choking risk, so we are careful with that still. However, we serve them any and all of the food we eat as long as it isn’t too spicy or extremely salty.

2. You’ll only see dinners listed out by day. For the other meals, typically I’ll choose 2-3 breakfasts and just alternate between those each day of the week. Same for lunch. I’m extremely simple when it comes to our breakfasts and lunches.

3. I linked recipes where I could, but if there is one you want to try that isn’t linked, or I didn’t explain how to make something well enough, send me an email (livingincolorstyle@gmail.com), or you can search Pinterest for a similar recipe! There are so many good ones!


Monday (veggie bowl night) – quinoa based veggie bowls w/ my easy roasted chickpeas (quinoa as base, roasted broccoli, carrots, zucchini, mushroom, and roasted chickpeas, and hummus. Topped with Tamari (similar to soy sauce) and/or Sriracha. I talk a lot about how I make our veggie bowls in this post.

*my 4 and 1 year old will be served all of this except for Sriracha of course.

Tuesday (Mexican food night)  – Walnut tacos with my favorite walnut taco meat recipe, topped with organic romaine, homemade guac, organic grape tomatoes, and some freshly chopped organic bell peppers. I’ll serve w/ Mexican rice and Siete foods grain free tortillas.

*My 4 and 1 year old will be served all of this except the hot sauce I’ll use on my tacos! I do go easy on the salt in the taco meat. See the recipe here.

Wednesday (Soup night)Easy lentil soup. It’s supposed to be rainy this week, so we are making this soup again. My girls and husband are all OBSESSED!

*I will go easy on the salt, but we serve all of this to our girls and they gobble it up.

Thursday (Veggie burger night)Vegan Pulled Pork sandwiches, made from jackfruit and carrots! See the recipe here. I’m going to serve on a sprouted grain bun and with a veggie on the side.

* My four year old will likely eat this. She has before. I’ll serve to my 1 year old deconstructed (jackfruit pulled pork on side, with bun topped w/ avocado and a veggie) but we’ll see if she eats it. She doesn’t eat sauces yet (the sugar in BBQ and Ketchup is too much for her, and I don’t like to serve to her anyway. I’ll keep a back-up protein (probs chickpeas) on hand, and maybe some applesauce in case she eats the bread w/ avocado and veggie, but not the jackfruit mixture.

Friday (Italian Night)Vegan Alfredo Pasta (omg this stuff is AMAZING). It’s cashew based, and we all loooove this recipe! Check it out here.

*I serve this as is to both my girls! I do salt individually though so my 1 year old doesn’t get a ton of unnecessary salt.

Saturday (eat at a restaurant night) – We budget for two meals out a week. We will use one of those meals Saturday night!

Sunday (eat at a restaurant or breakfast for dinner)Tofu scramble bowls. I’m going to use this scramble recipe on a bed of mixed greens, with sweet potato hash and Hilary’s Organic Meatless Breakfast Sausage. I’ll add tomato, avocado, and salsa to this.

*I serve these bowls deconstructed on plates, so the potatoes by themselves, the meatless sausage by itself, the scramble and the toppings all laid out on a plate. The girls eat this regularly and love this meal, particularly! I always serve them greens when I’m eating greens. Sometimes they nibble on them sometimes they don’t! It’s all about exposure!



Option 1: Oatmeal w/ almond milk, flax, chia, hemp hearts mixed in. Topped with slice banana + chopped walnuts.

Option 2: Banana nice cream bowls (blend bananas in food processor until smooth. Top with peanut butter and cinnamon.)

Option 3: My vegan wild blueberry muffins. Recipe here.


Option 1: Leftovers from dinners reheated in oven.

Option 2: veggie plates – our go-to (organic raw carrots, organic sliced grape tomatoes, organic sliced cucumber, organic raw bell pepper, and naan bread w/ hummus & hemp hearts on top.)

*I chop raw veggies super thin/fine for my 1 year old. I don’t serve her raw carrots though.

Option 2: veggie sandwiches (all of the veggies I listed above, but served on sprouted Silver Hills bread w/ a mashed avocado spread.)

*I serve deconstructed to my 1 year old, but all same ingredients except raw carrots)

Option 4: Nut butter sandwiches w/ raw veggies on the side.

*I chop raw veggies super thin/fine for my 1 year old. I don’t serve her raw carrots though.

(Below is an example of what I’ll serve my 20 month old for lunch!)



Download the @livingincolorblog week 1 vegan meal plan

Still have questions? Read this post where I explain, in depth, how I plan our meals from week to week! Or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you asap!


I hope this post about one week of vegan meals is helpful to you! Happy meal planning! Share your meals and meal plans with me on social media by using my menu template and/or tagging me in stories! I promise to share!

Thank you so much for reading!

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