Welp. I’ve owned the Madewell skinny overalls in two washes for over four years now, so it’s time I write up a full review! Keep reading to see my Madewell overalls review!

Madewell Overalls Review

The Journey to My Madewell Overalls

When I originally decided to find some of my own, it truly was such a long journey to the perfect pair. It all started back in 2013. I thrifted a pair of Calvin Klein overall shorts. They were cute, but I truly felt like I was eight years old. They had to go. I sold them on Poshmark for a whopping eight dollars! Then I tried Forever 21. This was back in my fast fashion days. Every pair of overalls I tried on from Forever 21 and H&M fit me super awkwardly. I kept trying them on only to have way too much room in the waist and the calves were super tight. I also found there wasn’t enough room in the torso. Lastly, with every subsequent pair of overalls I tried on, I couldn’t stand how they made me look and feel like a farmer. Ha!

I went through this super long search for the perfect pair of overalls and saw some on Pinterest I thought I’d try. It was the Madewell pair. The rest is history! Keep reading to see why they’ve lived in my closet for so long!

What’s To Love About the Madewell Overalls

You can probably tell just by looking at my Instagram account, but I’m a pretty big fan of these overalls.

01. They’re great for tall gals.

With any jumpsuit or pair of overalls, torso room is extremely important when you’re tall. I’m 5’7″ and I don’t feel like these pull on my shoulders like other overalls I’ve tried.

02. You can dress them up or down.

Because of the skinny leg, these overalls look fabulous with tennis shoes. But they look even more fabulous with heels! I’ve also styled them with Chelsea boots, and felt super stylish. Like I said. These are a closet staple for me because of their versatility.

03. They’re great for different body types.

I wore these when I was pregnant, so I had a little extra love around my tummy area, and I still felt really good in them. I feel like inclusive sizing is really important, and Madewell does offer that with these!

04. They come in blue and black washes.

So I own this pair in both denim and black. Yes, they’re that good. Yes, you probably need both!



Overalls (wearing a small – TTS) | Misha & Puff Sweater (black walnut color, size s/m) – similar | Veja V10 Tennis Shoes (run TTS) | Gathre Circle bag


I hope that this Madewell overalls review was helpful to you! Thank you so much for reading!

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