What’s everyone’s most-worn closet item other than leggings? Jeans, of course! Today I’m sharing a pair of denim with you that’s been a trusty favorite over the past year. I bought the Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans back in 2017, and several seasons later, I’m finally here to share a personal review. I bought these myself, so this isn’t sponsored, but I found myself wearing them all the time! I also noticed that there weren’t a ton of photos of them out there, at least when I was researching them about a year ago. So I thought I would share my personal review!

Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans Review

Let me start by saying, I truly have always been a skinny jeans girl. I’ve been wearing skinny jeans since they were cool back in high school; I shopped only at Abercrombie and that’s all they carried, ha! Now fast forward over ten years, and I’m trying out all sorts of different jeans styles! The Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans are truly at the top of my “favorites” list. Here are a few reasons why:

01. They accentuate your backside.

I know, it’s weird that that’s the first pro, but truly, they make anyone’s backside look fabulous! I don’t know what sort of magic they sewed into this style of jean, but I usually have a pretty flat back side, and these give me some shape! I love that they aren’t overly tight either.

02. They have a flattering high rise.

I love the vintage-inspired 11 inch button-front rise. It’s makes them look so slimming, and they sit in a great spot at the hips. These jeans look amazing with shirts tucked into them, but also with crop tops (like with the sweater I am wearing here).

03. They look great with all types of shoes.

The straight leg and somewhat cropped hem of the jeans make these look adorable with sandals (for summer of course) and they look super sassy and unique with booties. I paired them with my super old Sam Edelman booties for these photos, but I’m been known to style these with white sneakers as well!

04. They’re extremely soft and comfortable.

The pair I’m wearing is made of 100% cotton, making them truly feel like pajama pants. I found that this size (the 26) did stretch a little with wear, so you may want to size down 1 if you do try out the other wash I linked below. Either way, these aren’t super “tight” anywhere, and they’re very vintagey feeling. Love how comfy they are!

05. You can wear them with casual or dressy outfit.

The Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans look great with all sorts of outfits! I love them with this semi-casual outfit, but they also pair wonderfully with a body suit and leopard heels. I wore them last week with a black sweatshirt and white sneakers! It doesn’t get any more versatile than that.



Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans (sold out in this wash, but almost identical here – TTS, wearing a 26, but could do a 25 now that i’m 18 months postpartum) | Thrifted sweater | Thrifted Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis bag | Love Your Melon beanie | Old Sam Edelman booties (similar here)


I hope this review of the Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans was helpful to you! Thank you so much for reading!

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