A few weeks ago I shared our Art Cart on Instagram stories. I was overwhelmed by the amount of requests to share more!

An art cart is just a dedicated space in our kitchen (next to the table) where I keep art supplies for daily use. I truly have loved watching my girls benefit from doing art daily, and at their own pace. Having these supplies out at all times allows them to self-regulate, and just grab them and start being creative during downtime!

So, here it is. Our Art Cart in all of its’ glory.

What’s In Our Art Cart

A quick note: Many of you were surprised that I keep art supplies out and readily available for my 4-year-old, and 19-month-old to use. However, I’ve found that keeping them out and releasing the stigma and worry of a mess helps them learn that art can be done without coloring on the walls That said, keep a close eye on your little ones! If you have young toddlers, I wouldn’t suggest keeping scissors in the cart. Keep them in a space that they can’t reach them! Additionally, just watch them with the supplies. If you have only young kids, only put out supplies young kids will be able to use. I offer lots of suggestions below!

What’s In Our Art Cart?

I’m going to share shelf by shelf what we keep in this. Keep in mind, my girls are 4 and 1. So these supplies are mostly age appropriate.

We got this cart at Target, but I know they sell them at IKEA too!

First Shelf

On the first shelf, I keep anything I don’t want my toddler to reach up and grab. Things like markers, paint brushes, or scissors go up here. However, my four-year-old can reach and access them! Here’s a list of what’s on the top shelf!


water color paint palate

paint brushes


colored pencils

regular pencils

kid-safe scissors

-our nature journals

2 glue sticks


Second Shelf

The second shelf has mostly paper, but I keep a few things on that shelf for my toddler. Here’s a list of what I keep on there.

-the girls’ art smocks

Dot to Dot markers

rubber animal stamps

letter stamps

white paper


colored construction paper


-painting tablecloth (just a small table-size cover for when the girls paint)


Third Shelf

This shelf is solely for things that are baby-safe! Board books are there for her to read at her leisure. She looks at them several times throughout the day! The water wow pads are a great non-mess alternative to actual painting for babies!

-various board books

Melissa & Doug Water Wow pads


Extra Supplies

These are supplies that my four-year-old knows where to access but I don’t keep out! She typically asks permission to grab them, but it’s not a big deal if she doesn’t because I’ve taught her how to use them. I keep them in a separate space because N (my 1.5 year old) is just too small to handle them right now.

Many of these are helpful for specific art projects, so we use them when we are all together.


washable paint in various colors

glitter in shakers

modeling clay

washi tape


-pipe cleaners


-cotton balls

-round paper plates



I hope this post about what’s in our art cart was helpful to you! Let me know if you have any additional questions and I’ll answer them in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!


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