Back in August I wrote a post about how to find non-toxic furniture for your home. I shared several tips, and one of those was finding transparent brands you trust. The furniture industry can be a dirty one. It’s important that you find brands you can trust. One of my favorite slow furniture brands, Medley, sent us a gorgeous sofa last year, so I thought I’d share a bit more about it.

Our Custom Non-Toxic Medley Furniture Sofa

When I shared our sofa in my first post about non-toxic furniture, I had so many questions on the specifications of the couch. Since it was custom made, I got to work with the founder to choose the fabric, the filling, and even the dimensions! I thought I’d write a follow-up post to share all of that info. Plus, this gives you a chance to see how we decorate our house (simply) for the holidays.

Our Medley Sofa

We carefully considered our needs when deciding on sofa style. We decided on the Rio XL style. I loved that it is roomy, but not too giant. We have a very open floor plan, so I wanted to leave the space pretty open, but still have somewhere cozy to sit. So once you decide on the style, the fun part really begins! It prompts you with a dropdown menu:

For the filling, we had to choose between CertiPUR foam or organic latex as the filling for our cushions. We went back and forth on this, but I loved that the organic latex is a really safe options for our kiddos to be around, so we went with the organic latex filling and eco wool pillows. Now it was time to choose the fabric color and the legs!


We didn’t have a tough time choosing the legs. We wanted the sofa lower to the ground, so we chose the 3″ serge brushed legs. However, choosing the sofa fabric was such a difficult decision! There are so many great options and colors to choose from. Medley sent over a swatch of a few of my favorites, which really helped aid us in our decision. Ultimately, for fabric, we knew we wanted a neutral. I considered a tan color, but it didn’t provide enough contrast. I also considered a white sofa again, but with children around it just wouldn’t work.

Finally, we settled on the Bennet Dove Fabric. It’s a beautiful grey color made from 100% polyester. So far it’s been extremely easy to care for. We’ve spilled chocolate and have had other kid-induced stains on it, and they’ve come right out with a water-based cleaner. I suspect the couch will hold up well for quite a while… which was our intention!

Lastly, I worked with the founder to design the perfect dimensions for our Medley couch. It was important to us that my husband (who is 6’1″) felt comfortable on it. We opted to make the seat of the sofa 3 inches deeper so it is a 24″ seat depth. We also opted to make the back and the back pillows 2 inches taller than normal. This resulted in the couch you see in our photos. It’s comfortable, stylish, but most importantly, safe for our children! We have little hands, feet, and even faces touching this sofa all day long. It was important to us to find a brand we trusted!


Style: Rio XL

Filling: Organic Latex & Eco Wool Pillows

Legs: Serge 3″ brushed

Fabric: Bennet Dove

Modifications: Make seat 3″ deeper so it’s 24″ seat depth. Make back and back pillow 2″ taller than normal

I hope this was helpful to you, if you do plan on ordering from Medley! I had such a wonderful experience choosing our sofa. I love that the furniture is custom and sustainably made. Check out Medley’s full line of non-toxic furniture here.

Thank you so much for reading!


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