When my oldest child (now 4.5) turned around eighteen months old, I knew I needed to start researching parenting more in depth. I had researched breastfeeding and birth, but parenting wasn’t something I considered needing skills in. Boy was I wrong! I shared my favorite parenting books in this blog post, but now I want to share another useful tool I’ve been using for the past two years. Podcasts!

My Favorite Parenting Podcasts

My favorite parenting podcasts are easy to listen to (usually 30-45 minute episodes) and provide so many useful tools! The first three are my end-all-be-all favorites. I always choose these first for my queue when they have new episodes available. I included a brief description of each podcast so that you can see what they’re about.

01. Unruffled by Janet Lansbury

This one is the best parenting podcast I’ve ever listened to. It’s a Q&A style podcast. Readers send Janet Lansbury questions and she addresses them, usually one per episode. The questions are extremely relatable and usually those tough ones we don’t know how to handle when it comes to parenting toddlers and young kids. Highly recommend this one above all else.

02. Simple Families Podcast

Denaye Barihona has a PhD in child development. I love her concrete information on young children and simple living. She does a mix of a Q&A style and interviews of other minimalist or parenting gurus. I loved the episode she recorded on outdoor play in all types of weather. She is also a working homeschool mom, which I find super cool!

03. Sage Family Podcast

This podcast is so sweet to listen to. I found Rachel Rainbolt through homeschooling, but she is a parenting coach. Her podcast features interviews with prominent figures in the minimalism, debt-freedom, and parenting space. I loved the episode she recorded on parenting and screens!

04. Read-Aloud Revival

I know you weren’t expecting to see a podcast about books on my list, but to me, parenting = books! Truly, reading with your kids, if you don’t do anything else, almost guarantees connection. Therefore, this podcast takes a spot on my list. Sarah MacKenzie is a saint. Everything she creates is gold. I loved one of other recent episodes of her podcast titled “Why Re-Reading is Possibly the Best Reading” (Where do you think I learned to read chapter books with G (4.5) then listen to them again?) Anyway, check out the Read-Aloud Revival Podcast! You won’t be disappointed.

05. Zen Parenting Radio

This husband and wife duo are adorable and very easy to listen to. They provide concrete tips and address hot parenting topics together.

*Bonus: Risen Motherhood – this one is my favorite for moms who are believers. The moms who host it are so sweet and really do have so much to offer when it comes to parenting with faith. Check them out if you’re interested in a faith-based parenting podcast!


I hope this post about my favorite parenting podcasts was helpful to you! Thank you so much for reading!

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