I cannot believe that Christmas is only fifteen days away. I finished shopping for my girls. I didn’t do anything in person this year, and truly didn’t spend much on them. They’re very happy with what they have. Still, I do like gifting them with a couple of things they’ll enjoy. I decided to create this little gift guide as a way to share a few ideas for kids if you aren’t looking to add to clutter.

A Minimalist Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

01. Photo books from Pinhole Press

This is my number one pick. Only because we’ve had the same Pinhole Press photo books for around four years now. I made a Mommy & Me and a Daddy & Me photo book for my 4.5 year old and we still read them daily. Her little sister is quite infatuated with them, so we will be making one for our 19 month old this year too. Photo books are great keepsakes. They allow you to revel in memories for years to come. Plus, it’s a book! Anything to encourage literacy! Use code VIP15 for 15% off your photo books! (Valid now through 12/13.)


02. Special Library Bag & Basket

I promise all of these ideas won’t be literary-themed. Just the first three. 😉 If you’re like me and don’t like to buy A TON of books (we do buy a select few), then the library is an amazing resource. Something I started doing a year or so ago is designating a special library basket in our house. This is where the library books live when they’re in our home. I also have a designated library bag. This is what takes the library books to and from the library. I know it seems simple, (but that’s the idea) but a special library bag and basket is a great gift for young children! Consider finding a reusable bag with their favorite book character on it, or even a cute Apolis bag with their name on it! Then find a fun basket. Wrap those things up and you have a great holiday gift!


03. Bookroo Book Subscription

Our family absolutely loves Bookroo. We utilized this book subscription service for three years. They offer three options. Books for babies, books for kids, and chapter books! You subscribe, and each month, 2-3 books arrive in your mailbox! They’re even wrapped, which adds a fun addition for little kids. We didn’t mind collecting the books, because the picks were always A+. We’ve enjoyed having them all in our home library and still read them all the time.


04. Art Supplies

Art supplies are the gift that keeps on giving. My girls do art every day. You can read my blog post about toddler art items here. However, there are some staple art supplies we typically refresh each year! These colored pencils from The Small Folk are one of them. I also love this watercolor set, and these paint cups. All of these items won’t take up too much extra space in your house, and will likely get used regularly by kids of all ages!


05. Binoculars for Kids

I bought my daughter these binoculars when she turned three, and she’s used them super often ever since. She loves to look at birds, people, and objects up close with them. If I were gifting these for Christmas or another holiday, I would pair them with a book about nature or even a Nature journal to document what your child discovers while using them.


06. Activity-Encouraging Gifts

I may have coined this term myself, but the idea is that the gift you do give your child encourages activity. Outdoor play, preferably! I recently gifted my 19 month old with a y-bike (great for ages 1-3) and it’s honestly been a great way to get her active more independently when we’re playing outside! My 4.5 year old daughter has a Radio Flyer trike she loves and a micro maxi scooter that she rides often as well. Any of these would serve as wonderful gifts for a minimalist family.


07. Memberships or Classes

While I do believe that cluttering our schedules with too many things can be dangerous, an activity or two is a great gift idea! My 4.5 year old daughter is in gymnastics right now. We pay for this monthly, but if a relative wanted to cover a few months of that for a holiday gift it would truly be a gift lasts well beyond the holidays. If you’re interested in your child taking music lessons, playing soccer, or learning something new, consider this! Also, museum memberships are a great option too. We have a science museum membership and it allows us to have “free” fun during the year (since we bought it up front as a holiday gift!)


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I hope this list helps. It’s by no means comprehensive, but it’s a few ideas to get your thoughts going on what to gift your children. Remember, when in doubt, try to buy things that will last. Things made of quality materials will last a lot longer than plastic toys.

Thank you so much for reading!

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