Today I’m sharing five books worth reading if you’re a parent. I honestly wish I’d had time to read these before my parenting journey started, while I was still pregnant! I had much more time to read, and didn’t feel as much pressure to put it into practice right away. My hope, in sharing these, is that some of you just starting out on your parenthood journey will find goodness in them.

Five Books Worth Reading If You’re A Parent

In this list I covered a wide range of topics, from feeding baby, behavior, and the importance of preserving childhood in nature. These are all books I’ve personally read cover to cover. I own almost all of them! They’ve been a great help to me, and I hope they are to you too!

01. Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide by Rebecca Eanes

I put this book first for a reason. Of all the books I recommend today, I truly believe this one is a must-read before you even start having children. The first half of the book covers extensive couples conversations to have about family culture. I personally believe it’s easier to have conversations around this topic, and some heavy-weighing things like discipline, before kids are in the picture! So if you’re thinking about children, pick it up! It’s a wonderful read with so many tips, advice, and encouragement for families.

02. The Read-Aloud Family by Sarah Mackenzie 

The single most important thing you can do for a child (other than unconditional love) is read to them. Reading with your children fosters connection, allows for lifelong learning, and sparks natural conversation. By exposing your children to literature early-on (even in the womb) you are setting them up for success.

03. Baby-Led Weaning: The Essential Guide by Gill Rapley

This was my bible when both my children started solids. Around six months, I would start them on solid food. No prepping baby food, no purées, it was amazing. Both my girls are extremely healthy and well-balanced eaters who followed the baby-led weaning path to solids. I highly recommend.

04. No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame by Janet Lansbury 

This book is a favorite because of the concrete advice on how to talk to children. Particularly babies and toddlers. Janet Lansbury is a parenting guru who wrote this gold mine of information. I love that she covers the developmental needs of children and how we can help them be the best version of themselves as their guide. It’s completely changed the language I use when talking to my child. If you’re curious about what I mean when I say “how” I talk to my children, check it out!

05. How to Raise A a Wild Child: The Art and Science of Falling in Love With Nature by Scott D. Sampson 

Lastly, I felt the need to include this book in the interest of preserving childhood in nature. I know it’s common in our parenting culture to hand kids a screen but this book truly goes into the “why” and “how” of the importance of time outdoors. For us and our children. Definitely read it, if you can!

I hope this post about five books worth reading if you’re a parent is helpful to you! Thank you so much for reading!

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