I’m kind of surprised that two girls and four years later I’ve never shared my favorite places to shop for kids clothing! I’m going to break this into two parts. The first is my favorite small shops for kids clothes. These are where I get my girls’s clothes. The second part is my favorite places to consign kids clothing. Thrifting is a big part of my shopping experience, and this rings true for baby products, kids clothes, home decor. You name it. I’ve thrifted it! Anyway, here we go! Here’s where I shop for kids clothing.

Where I Shop For Kids Clothing

Note: Please don’t be sad if you have a little boy. I just have two girls and have only ever shopped for them. If this list if girl-heavy, I apologize in advance!

My Favorite Small Shops

The following shops are where I buy my girls’ basics, dresses, tees, jeans, etc. as well as their pajamas, accessories, and shoes! Many of these shops I prefer all of their items (the whole line) and some I only buy specific things from their brand that I’ve found my girls like. I’ve tried to specify as best I can below next to the shop name. If you have any questions let me know!

01. Alice & Ames – Clothing

02. Little Cotton Clothes – Clothing

03. Little Cottonwood – Clothing

04. Misha & Puff – Clothing + Accessories

05. Briar Handmade – Accessories

06. Mon Petit Shoes – Shoes

07. Jamie Kay – Clothing

08. Native Shoes – Shoes

09. Little Poppy Co. – Bows

10. Hanna Andersson – PJ’s for kids

10. L’oved Baby – PJ’s for babies

My Favorite Places to Consign Clothing for Kids

01. Kidizen

02. Poshmark

03. Buy Sell Trade Groups on Facebook

So many of the things I’ve purchased for my girls are used. Coats, boots, dresses, sweaters, baby carriers, bonnets. I love consigning clothes and it’s super easy to do via Facebook in groups made for those specific items. A great example is bonnets. I’m in a group where moms sell the bonnets their children outgrow. Super clever right! So many ways to reuse and recycle clothing!


I really hope that this blog post about where I shop for kids clothing was useful to you! Thank you so much for reading!

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