Today I want to share how I work hard to keep my closet, a space that used to be extremely out of control, at bay. If you want to learn how I simplified my cluttered closet, click here. But for this post, I share simple steps to keep your closet small, it isn’t anything super groundbreaking. It’s just rules I hold myself to, and so far I’ve been very successful! If you’re looking at the photo below and wondering, “does her closet always look like that?” The answer is Yes! Here’s how I do it! Keep reading to see tips for keeping your closet small.

Tips for Keeping Your Closet Small

01. Only Keep A Certain Amount of Hangers in Your Closet

After my initial purge of my closet I knew I had to do something to keep it under control. Therefore, I only keep a certain amount of hangers in my closet. (I use these S hooks for my pants, leggings, and shorts.) This ensures I’m not purchasing a ton of clothing that I don’t need. I always know it’s time to reevaluate my wardrobe when I feel the need to buy more hangers. The next tip also helps deter me from buying things I don’t really “need”.

02. Enforce A “One In, One Out” Rule

This tip also deters me from buying things I don’t need. I enforce the one in, one out rule so that I don’t accumulate unneeded clothing. So if I purchase something new, something from my closet has to be sold, consigned, or donated. It’s worked really well for me the past year or so!

03. Conduct a Seasonal Purge of Unworn Items

The rule I set for myself (other than pregnancy/postpartum times) is that if I haven’t worn an item that’s in season in the past two months, it doesn’t get to stay. I would hold on to items for YEARS without wearing them. For what? I feel so much better actually using the items that sit around my house!

I read somewhere recently that the easiest way to see the items you should keep or have in a “capsule wardrobe” are the ones that are in your hamper. Those are the clothes you wear most, so set those aside, then fill out the gaps!

04. Research How to Dispose of Unwanted Clothing

Purging your closet is a great feeling, but have you ever wondered where all of the clothing you “donate” goes to? Goodwill is a common place to donate, and I think that’s great, but with the recent Marie Kondo craze there’s been an influx of unwanted items. These are accumulating at a rapid rate, so read this post I wrote here, on what I suggest to do with items that you don’t want anymore!

05. Keep a Specific “Home” or Spot for Everything in Your Closet

This rule goes for shoes, bags, jeans. Everything needs a designated spot. Somewhere you set it each time you take it off. This way all of the empty space is covered and you don’t feel the need to use up that empty space by buying more clothes! I keep pajamas and undergarments in the small brown drawers. My sandals go in a shoe organizer, and my scarves and baseball caps/beanies go in another separate shoe organizer!


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Like I stated above, none of this is groundbreaking information, but it really helps me keep my closet uncluttered and functional!


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I hope this post about tips for keeping your closet small was helpful to you! Thank you so much for reading!

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