I have been meaning to write about how we do our best to prevent spreading germs in our house and I’m so glad to partner with The Relief Products to do so today! If you have young children, chances are your probably take them out into the world. We moved recently, so we’ve been exposed to a whole slew of new germs!  In today’s post I’m sharing a few tips for preventing the spreading of germs with kids.

Tips for Preventing the Spreading of Germs With Kids

Since bringing our second baby home, I’ve been a bit of a germ freak. When you have a small newborn and a toddler, the two don’t exactly coincide. Babies are susceptible to all kinds of sickness, and toddlers seem to unknowingly contract germs with them everywhere they go. Our whole family was sick several times the first few months when Norah was little, and it was very stressful for us.

Here are a few tips we started practicing that have helped us since keep the germs at bay:

01. Practice effective hand washing. 

I say effective because we had to explicitly teach our toddler how to wash her hands. Meaning: use warm water and soap, scrub all around your hands and between fingers, and sing the Happy Birthday song once through before rinsing. We spent a good few weeks teaching Gracie each time she went potty, came home from ballet class, and before she ate. Now, almost a year later, she reminds us to wash our hands before we eat!

02. Do not share drinks, towels, utensils with others.

Yes, try to minimize the sharing of drinks, utensils, and towels. Basically, anything with saliva on it. Even if it’s family. Yep. My grandparents couldn’t get behind the whole “not sharing drinks” thing at first. After all, when we were kids, we shared drinks, ate off of each other’s forks, the whole bit. But I had to tell them that it’s not how we parent. We prefer to reduce the risk of our girls being exposed to things like strep, colds, flu, etc. through the sharing of drinks and utensils, and so far it’s proven to help us stay somewhat healthy.

03. Avoid touching eyes and nose before washing hands.

This one is really hard for kids. It’s almost impossible, actually, because they forget. I try to keep an eye on Gracie and have her wash as soon as she can when we get home. But sometimes we’ll be driving home from an activity and she will ask for a snack. Many viruses and other illnesses are spread from touching the nose or eyes without washing hands first, so this one is crucial but often gets missed with very young children.

It can be difficult to keep track of everything 24/7, and after all, kids are kids. They will get sick. That’s why I included the next part, just in case your child does contract something despite your clear efforts!

Why Homeopathic Treatments?

Luckily, the worst we’ve had here is the common cold. (Knock on wood.) However, if my child were to contract something extremely common and contagious like Pink Eye, I would most likely use a homeopathic product like PinkEye Relief® eye drops to help relieve her symptoms. Why? Because unlike several medications there have been no proven side effects to using homeopathic products.

If you’ve been following my blog or my Instagram account for a while, you know that I prefer the natural method when it comes to treating symptoms. PinkEye Relief® is made from 100% natural active ingredients to help provide temporary relief from pink eye symptoms. You can visit The Relief Products website here. They have several homeopathic treatments, so be sure to check them out.

I hope this post on tips for preventing the spreading of germs with kids was helpful to you.

Thank you so much for reading!


*This post is sponsored by The Relief Products. All opinions and reviews are 100% my own.

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