As a mom, white sneakers are a total closet staple for me. I wear my white sneakers with dresses, jeans, shorts, and skirts, and basically seven days a week. I wear my white sneakers with everything. Today I’m sharing an ethical style swap for white sneakers. Keep reading to find out more!

Ethical Style Swap | White Sneakers

I have a great pair of white converse in my closet (that I’ve had for quite some time) and I do plan to wear those to death. But if you’re on the market for some white sneakers, I urge you to set your sights towards brands that have sustainability in mind! Brands that pay their workers fair wages, source their materials sustainably, and are concerned about their environmental impact are worth supporting. Initially, it may be a hit to the wallet, but it is better for our environment and in the end you’ll find these “slow fashion” items last a long longer!


Veja Fair Trade Shoes

Anyway, enough rambling…here is the ethical sneakers brand you must know about: Veja.

Veja’s fair trade shoes are made from organic cotton, natural (not synthetic) rubber, and leather (sourced from tilapia hide that is usually thrown away). They have several styles to imitate the fast fashion brands we all know from our childhood. (Nike, Converse, Vans, Keds, etc.) But in my opinion, not only are these shoes well-made, they’re much more fashionable!

I kind of feel like an eighth grader in my Vans, but these Veja Esplar sneakers make me feel much more stylish. The white ones are my current favorite. I have the Esplar style, but the vegan version, Wata is amazing too. It’s made from a canvas material just like Converse or Keds. The Veja V10 sneaker is meant to be similar to the Nike Air Max if you’re wanting a chunkier sneaker look.

I love Veja because their shoes are adorable, but I’m in love with their transparency and commitment to making the world a better place. You can view more about their efforts (I swear it’s so refreshing to see brands sharing this kind of information) by clicking here.

Note About Sizing:

These shoes are gender neutral, so they say “men’s” a lot of times, but they’re unisex. Also, they use European sizing. I take a size 40 (usually US size 9) in the Esplar sneakers, and they fit me great, but I have heard the V10 style runs a bit big. I can’t speak to the Wata sneaker sizing, but I would guess it’s true to size as well based on my Esplars.




Thank you so much for reading my post on where to find ethically sourced and fair trade white sneakers for spring! I hope this helps.

Thank you so much for reading!


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