We’ve had the 4moms high chair since Norah was six months old! It was what we used to introduce solids to her via baby-led weaning. I decided its time to write a formal review since we’ve been using it for several months now. Keep reading for a full 4moms high chair review.

4moms High Chair Review

The 4moms high chair is a great addition to my baby gear arsenal. I love the sleek design and how it’s helped us introduce Norah to solids in a positive way.

Here’s a few reasons I like it!

01. The tray is magnetic.

This is especially handy for two reasons. The first being the ease of attaching the tray while holding a baby. The second is that 4moms makes bowls and plates that are magnetic and meant to be used with the high chair. This way your baby can’t throw their food vessel onto the ground. It’s a genius design, really!

02. It’s very easy to clean.

The whole high chair wipes clean. Which is super handy during the inevitably messy baby-led weaning process. I also love that the removable tray attachment is dishwasher safe! It makes dinner clean-up much faster. The removable foam insert also wipes clean with ease. I found myself wiping it down every night after dinner and it made the upkeep and overall cleanliness much more manageable.

03. You can use it a really long time!

The high chair is made for children up to 60 pounds. My four-year-old only weights 41 pounds, so there would be tons of life left in it if we needed to continue high chair use for her.

04. It’s adjustable to fit the height of many different sized tables

The 4moms high chair has three height positions. Our first high chair was not adjustable, and it was significantly shorter than our kitchen table and it bothered me that my child could barely see above the edge of the table! I love that the 4moms high chair has an adjustable seat that allows baby to reach all heights.


The one thing I wish the high chair had:

Although this high chair is a splendid product, and I really do love it overall, there’s one thing I wish it had. The footrest is there, but I wish it was adjustable so babies of all heights could rest their feet flat. Studies show that babies who are more comfortable at mealtimes will be more open to trying new foods. So, for new eaters, it isn’t ideal without the footstool, and eventually your child’s feet will reach it. I don’t think it’s a huge issue in the long run, but it would be nice for the footstool to adjust to accommodate different heights. Other than that, we love this chair!


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I hope that this 4moms high chair review was helpful to you! If you have any additional questions, I’m happy to answer them in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading!

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