Last week I got a request from a reader. She asked me if I would share some favorite nursing-friendly top finds for Spring. I love this question because it gives me the opportunity to share some brands that I love with you. So here you have it: a round up of my favorite responsibly made nursing-friendly tops for Spring.

Responsibly Made Nursing-Friendly Tops for Spring

When looking for nursing-friendly tops, the key is usually one of two things. The first being buttons. Button-up tops are the easiest way to ensure nursing is possible when you’re out and about, but I also really love another style for nursing. V-necks! The v-neck top is something I wear probably more often than a button-up just because it’s a versatile style. I included quite a few options (colors, prints, and styles) for you so hopefully you’ll find something!

The other thing I want to mention is that these are “slow fashion” brands, meaning they’re small. They also pay their workers fair wages, they have a heavy focus on sustainable efforts in production, and they’re usually quality items. So, the pricepoint may be a bit more than you’re used to seeing at Target, but the key is that THEY LAST!

Some of my favorite places to shop for nursing-friendly tops and clothing in general are Everlane, Tradlands, KOTN, and ABLE. I know these aren’t brands you see often. In fact, none of them are available at Nordstrom (shocking, I know! A blogger not leading you to shop at Nordstrom, ha!) But like I stated above they are quality pieces and brands that are very conscious of their practices.

Nursing-Friendly Tops From Top to Bottom

01. Everlane Linen Tank in White

02. ABLE Chambray top

03. Everlane Cotton Popover tee

04. ABLE ‘Palomina’ v-neck tee

05. Tradlands Women’s Henley in Stripe

06. Tradlands Button-Up Blouse

07. Tradlands Women’s Henley in Sienna

08. Everlane ‘GoWeave’ Button-Up Shirt

09. Everlane Sleeveless White Shirt

10. Everlane Linen Tank in Black



I hope this post about nursing-friendly tops for SpringĀ was helpful to you! Thank you so much for reading!

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