Several years ago I wrote about five reasons you should switch to non-toxic beauty products. It’s taken me several years to perfect my non-toxic make-up routine. After a ton of trial and error, countless products, and figuring out what works for me, I’m happy to announce I am ready to share! When I say I tested these products extensively, I mean I’ve been using them for over a year.

My Non-Toxic Make-Up Routine


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My make-up routine is non-toxic, meaning the make-up I use does not contain harmful chemicals or carcinogenic toxins (which is not the case for most make-up, sadly.) It is also cruelty-free, meaning no animals were harmed or tested on to make the product. Lastly, this routine takes me around five minutes to do each day. In the corresponding IGTV video (see below) I put my make-up on in front of the camera, and it definitely is longer than five minutes. However, that’s just because I’m explaining each step and trying to go slow to show you each product, so keep that in mind!

Products I Use:

I’ve listed out the products I use every day in order of how I use them below!


So for primer I do two things, depending on the day/season. I use the Suntegrity primer if I know I’ll be in the sun, and the Osmia Organics Purely Simple Face cream on all other days. Both of these are great under the foundation I use and serve as a good primer to prep my skin for make-up!

shop it here and here.


The Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Foundation has been my FAVORITE beauty find of ALL TIME. Yep. It’s that good. It applies like my MAC studio fix foundation except it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or toxins and it’s cruelty-free. I honestly will never use another foundation ever again. If you decide to make the switch, I’m sure you’ll agree with me!

Oh, P.S. I mention this in my video below but you’ll need the Crunchi brush to apply the foundation. I’ve tried other brushes with it and it just doesn’t get the same effect. It’s SO worth it.

shop it here. shop the brush here.


I know you can’t give up your mainstream concealer but, friend… YOU CAN. Because I found this freaking amazing concealer that’s JUST like the Tarte concealer but WITHOUT toxins! It provides really great coverage and sometimes I’ll wear only the concealer with a bit of blush for minimal coverage on days I don’t need a full face of make-up. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

shop it here.


I’ve tried several blushes and bronzers lately, and there are a lot of good ones out there in the clean beauty world. Right now I’m using the Antonym cosmetics line and I really like them!

Shop blush/bronzer here.


After trying a few eye pencils and different brow products I found the Plume Nourish & Define Eyebrow Pomade. It’s been life-changing. It comes with a brush, and one container lasts me OVER a year! Insanity. I use the color “ashy daybreak”.

shop it here.


So you may notice that I have lash extensions. I love my lash extensions and plan to keep them for a long time, just because they keep me from having to do eye make-up, which is wonderful. However, if you’re on the hunt for a clean, green mascara, look no further! This Lily Lolo UK vegan, cruelty-free (and non-toxic) mascara is LIFE. It works amazingly, and if you apply 1-2 coats you’ll feel like you have lash extensions! It stays on forever too, which I love!

shop it here.


I need to write a separate post about my lip colors. I’m one of those bare face, bold lip people. I also love to mix lipstick brands and colors, therefore I don’t have just one color or brand to recommend.

I use Gabriel Cosmetics the most for my lips though. Their lip colors have great wear times and I can kiss my baby without worrying I’ll transfer toxins to her precious skin.

I love their nude color lipstick (also called Taupe I believe) and their Wine lip pencil!

shop it here and here.


Shop Clean Beauty Products:




Not sure if a product is safe? Here’s the answer: use Think Dirty. I’ve been using Think Dirty FOREVER and I’m finally starting to see mainstream YTers and other make-up gurus talk about it. The Think Dirty app educates you on the ingredients and potential effects of those ingredients on you, the consumer. It’s a wonderful tool for trying to find clean products. So check it out if you’re skeptical of the products you’ve been using!




I really hope that showing you non-toxic make-up routine helps you find new products to try and that you love!

*Some of these links are affiliate links which means I may make a small commission if you purchase something!

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