If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen me with Norah sleeping on my chest in the wrap. I spend around 50% of my day with her sleeping in the wraps right now. It makes my life so much easier, and she loves being close to me. One of the questions I get often is how to breastfeed in a woven wrap, so I put together a few tips and filmed a little video for you to check out! Keep reading to learn more!

How to Breastfeed in a Woven Wrap

A Few Tips for on How To Breastfeed in a Woven Wrap

01. Always start in a FWCC. It’s the easiest carry to adjust then readjust with a long wrap. If you have as short wrap, a slip knot hip carry may be best for nursing as it’s also easy to adjust!

02. Wear a v-neck tee. This ensures your outfit is breastfeeding-friendly! I love this one that is sustainably-made, comfy, and only $18.

03. Use the side rail (see video) to support baby’s head to keep you hands-free. The fabric on either side of baby can be pulled over their little head (the back of their head) to provide support! See photo above.

04. Always readjust your carry when baby is done nursing! (see end of video).

Make sure to watch the full tutorial video below. I film from start to finish, so getting baby ready to nurse, nursing, falling asleep, and then I show how I adjust for comfortable carrying during the wrap nap!

See me get my baby to sleep by nursing her in the woven wrap here:




Let me know if you have any questions! I hope this was helpful to you!

Thank you so much for reading!

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