I am so excited to team up with Baby Tula to share some exciting news. Tula is releasing a brand new line of wrap conversion carriers. 

They are calling this line of carriers the Tula Signature Collection. I was fortunate enough to have them send me one to try out for a few weeks and review for you. It also just so happens to be a wrap from one of my favorite weavers, Stewed Rhubarb Handmade.

Tula Signature Collection Carriers

What is the Tula Signature Collection?

The Tula Signature Collection is a line of highly sought after carriers that are designed in collaboration with unique weavers and then handcrafted in Baby Tula’s grassroots town of Bialystok, Poland. These carriers are made from handwoven wraps and then sewn into buckle carriers by one person.

Since the woven wraps are handmade, and usually 100% cotton, they’re extremely moldable and cozy. The cush of this carrier I’m wearing in the photos is unlike any other Tula I’ve owned (and trust me, that’s a lot!)

Where do I get a Tula Signature Collection Carrier?

This collection of carriers is exclusive to Baby Tula’s site directly.

How do I get a Tula Signature Collection Carrier?

These limited edition carriers will only be available on Tula’s site during the wrap conversion drops every other Wednesday at 6:00 PM PST. It’s a rotating collection, which means they won’t all be available at once. Also, these drops typically sell out within minutes which makes them extremely highly sought after.


My Thoughts on the Stewed Rhubarb Handwoven Standard Tula

This is my first full standard handwoven Tula. I’ve owned several Tulas, and some of them were handwoven. However, most were backed on canvas. This didn’t used to bother me very much, but now that I’ve tried this carrier from the Tula Signature Collection, I’m completely spoiled. The carrier is extremely soft and moldable. The stitching is such high quality. 

The Tula feels so special since I know it came from the hands of a weaver I really admire (she’s literally a one-woman show) and then into the hands of Tula where it was handcrafted by one seamstress. Every time we use it I feel all of the love and thought went into this carrier.


To check out the Tula Signature Collection, click here


Thank you so much for reading!

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