Nursing a new baby is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever done (twice!). But figuring out nursing, and what I’ll need along the way was not easy. That’s why I wrote this post! This is for all of the new or pregnant moms that feel like they’re floundering in the aisles of Buy Buy Baby wondering what on earth they need to register for. If you plan on nursing your newborn, here are the must-have products for the new breastfeeding mom.

Must-Have Products for The New Breastfeeding Mom

Must-Have Products for The New Breastfeeding Mom

1 // Every day Nursing Bra

I’ve nursed two babies now, and have tried SEVERAL brands of nursing bras. This one (the nude bra pictured above) by far is the easiest every day bra, and my go-to currently. It keeps great shape, offers a bit of support, and is easy to adjust as your boobs grow (and deflate lol) with feedings.

2 // Around-the-House Nursing Bra

This around-the-house nursing bra (the black in in the photo above) is a lifesaver when you just want to wear a t-shirt and pajama shorts, but you need something to tuck your nursing pads in. It’s super comfortable and made from great fabric!

3 // Portable Nursing Nightlight

This isn’t something I felt I needed at first, but when I started using it I truly didn’t know how I lived without it! A nightlight for those nursing sessions in the wee hours of the morning made life less lonely. It also helped me stumble around my room as I picked up baby from her crib, changed my clothes, or changed my nursing pads in the middle of the night!

This nightlight is amazing because it has a few different settings (warm/bright lights) and all you do is touch it to turn it on.

4 // Nipple Butter

I tried Lansinoh and hated it. I also am not a fan of the non-natural ingredients it contains. This nipple butter is natural, completely safe for baby, and a little goes a long way. It’s super soothing for sore nipples those first couple of weeks. It also works wonders for when baby is teething later on, and your nipples get sore from that.

5 // Nipple Shells

These are my secret weapon against teething babies, and every nursing mom’s best kept secret, I think. I recommend these to EVERY mom I meet. Haha. They’ve saved me so many times throughout my nursing journey with both babies.

6 // Nursing Pads

I don’t use nursing pads anymore, but the first two weeks, you go through engorgement as your supply ebbs and flows trying to figure out baby feeding times. These nursing pads worked super well for me.

7 // Every day Nursing Tank

I have this tank in white and black. I love it for around the house, but it’s also great with a pair of black leggings and a chambray button-up for those first months of new mom life.

8 // Easy lactation cookies recipe

This lactation cookies recipe is made with yummy, plant-based ingredients. It’s refined sugar-free (except for the chocolate chips) and keeps your milk production high + keeps your breastfeeding appetite satisfied!

9 // Haakaa pump / milk catcher

The Haakaa pump is one of the easiest ways to catch milk from the opposite breast from which you’re feeding!

10 // Optional: Spectra S2 hospital grade pump

I pumped with my first baby while she spent a week in the NICU, and let me tell you, a hospital-grade pump is a must if you plan on pumping! I’ve heard amazing things about the Spectra, so click the link above to check it out!

11 // Total Baby app

You might be thinking, what the heck… why do I need an app to breastfeed my baby? Well, you don’t NEED one, but if you’re a first time / anxious mom like I was, you want to know when baby ate, which side, and for how long. These are questions your pediatrician might ask for the first few weeks, and it’s much easier to track it through the app then try to invent your own system. This isn’t sponsored or anything, I truly just wanted to share what I used when Grace (my 3 year old) was breastfeeding. It made those first few weeks of breastfeeding so much easier on me.

12 // Comfy Nursing-Friendly Tees

13 // Easy, Comfy Nursing-Friendly Dress

The first few months postpartum, I truly lived in dresses and/or nursing tanks and sweatpants. I didn’t really fit in many of my pre-pregnancy clothing, but my maternity items were too big. The Boob design dresses serve as such a staple in my closet. I got one or two and used them during pregnancy, right after, and still wear them. They’re so versatile and such a great investment if you plan to nurse for a long time, or have to pump on the go.

14 // A nursing-friendly pacifier

I linked to my post all about the pacifier we chose for our exclusively breastfed babies. It’s been wonderful. Just wait a month or two before you introduce it, just in case. It’s a personal preference thing. I’ve heard nipple confusion isn’t an issue for some, while others believe it to be an issue. Do what’s best for your family!

Note: Lastly, I didn’t add a bottle to this list. Neither of my babies drank bottles, so I truly cannot attest to a specific brand over another. I can tell you that if I were to try a bottle. This would be the one I try! I hope that helps!



Check out my post on surviving the first two weeks of breastfeeding!

I hope this comprehensive list of must-have products for the new breastfeeding mom. was helpful to you! If there is something on here you feel I missed, let me know!

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