If you’ve followed me for even a small amount of time, you know that I try really hard to use my “influence” for good. I really want to share new and inspiring things with you. I also want to share ways that you can help make the world a better place. As I learn and educate myself, I want to share it all with you!

If you’ve been watching my style journey over the past couple of months, you know that I’m on a giant purging kick. My goal is fewer, better things. Rather than having seven pairs of the same jean in different washes; I want to have two completely different, unique, and quality pairs of jeans.

Additionally, I’m making it a point to shop more sustainable and ethical brands. Ones that don’t contribute to wastefulness, try to recycle materials when possible. And ones that don’t overproduce clothing just to possibly incinerate it when the season ends. Enter my favorite sustainable shops. I hope you enjoy this series!

Sustainable Fashion Series

Sustainable Fashion Spotlight: CHRISTY DAWN

I am so excited to share this first shop with you. CHRISTY DAWN is a brand I found that sews ethically made, handmade dresses in Los Angeles from deadstock fabric. The dresses are of the utmost quality and truly are made to last. I love their vintage-inspired design, and their feminine details.

CHRISTY DAWN releases limited quantities of dresses, pays their workers a competitive wage, and even showcases the people who sew the dresses on their website with the “meet your dressmaker” section in each description. (Seriously, so cool!)

The dress I’m wearing in these photos is the Dawn dress made from 100% cotton, and it’s extremely comfortable! It’s perfect for nursing moms too, as it has a tiny snap enclosure. I actually looked around their site a bit and noticed so many amazing nursing-friendly options. The best part is that each dress design is made in a few different prints, so if this rust color isn’t your style, they have a gorgeous white floral one too! Everyone knows a girl loves options. 😉


Since I had the opportunity to shop this brand firsthand, I want to share with you some helpful tips in case you want to snag a dress from their new Fall collection!

1 // Know your measurements. These dresses are handmade from a pattern, and since they’ve vintage-inspired they might run a bit larger (at least this dress did for me), so don’t just go by what size you normally wear from other fast fashion retailers. I would take the time to do a correct measurement to ensure you get the right size!

2 // Don’t wait if you find something you love. Since these gorgeous dresses are made in small quantities, the popular ones sell out, and then that’s it. So if you see something you love initially, and are in the market for a new dress, grab one! You’re supporting so many people in an ethical way by shopping this small brand. Speaking with your dollars is the best way to promote change.

3 // Can’t afford to pull the trigger on a Fall dress? Shop previous seasons and plan ahead! CHRISTY DAWN has dresses from Spring marked down, so if you can’t snag one from the fall collection, get an early start on spring fashion with one from their clearance section!


CHRISTY DAWN dress ‘THE DAWN DRESS‘ c/o | BABAÁ KNITWEAR no. 19 cardigan in mist | TREASURE & BOND felt hat (old but similar here) | FREE PEOPLE royale flat (scored used on POSHMARK)

Thank you so much for reading this post! If you are interested in learning more about sustainable fashion and ethical shopping, please check back for more posts like this one soon!

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