If I had a penny for every time I got this question 😉 I am trying to be better at sharing more babywearing content since that’s one of the topics I get asked most about these days! In this post, I’m sharing how to buy a baby carrier! I include questions you want to ask yourself, and a few of my favorite types/places to shop for one!

Where Do I Buy a Baby Carrier?


Things to consider when you want to buy a carrier:

1. Budget

Not all carriers are cheap, but there are different reasons for that. Most of it has to do with the type of carrier. The canvas Tula baby carriers I have range from $100-$200 brand new. You can sometimes find them cheaper if you thrift them or buy used off of the buy/sell/trade pages (more info on that below). The woven wraps I often feature can be affordable, depending on brand. Some Meeyoo wraps range from $4000-$6000, while other woven wraps are sold on resale pages from $100-$400 on average.
Knowing your budget and what you can/want to spend will determine how you’ll go about purchasing it. Brand new or used! (Note: most of my carriers are used – I prefer them broken in, and I have no issue with using items that were used by someone else) Some people do, and that’s okay! Personal preference.

2. Who will you carry?

Is this for your toddler? Or both your newborn and toddler? A Tula Free to Grow might be your best bet if you have a toddler and newborn, as you can adjust the weight super well!  Buckle carriers are great for toddlers, but in my opinion, not as comfy as newborns. Woven wraps and ring slings, however can be used for both age/weight groups with ease, so it’s more bang for your buck if you like to wrap.

3. Who will use the carrier? You or your spouse?

Back when I thought I only needed one baby carrier (lol) I made sure to get something that was husband-proof, but now he is super into babywearing and has a carrier he uses often, so I don’t have to worry about making sure he can use any of mine. Buckle carriers are easier for dads or any caregivers who aren’t well-versed in the babywearing world.

Where to Buy a Baby Carrier

The question of the century! Haha. I’ve gotten this questions THOUSANDS of times on my Instagram account. So here it is……..
Okay, so the long answer is that  there are tons of places that sell brandname carriers like Tula, Lillebaby, Ergo, and Moby wraps (i.e. Buy Buy Baby, Target, Babies R Us, Amazon).Also, lots of small baby boutiques sell carriers online and in stores, so be sure to check your local boutiques too! The owners are  usually very avid babywearers, and super helpful!
However, if you want a specific wrap or carrier that is highly sought after, handmade by a weaver (woven wraps), or already used, you probably need to check out The Babywearing Swap group on Facebook!

Where to Buy a Used Baby Carrier

So the majority of the wraps (and even Tula baby carriers) I own are purchased on these Facebook buy/sell/trade pages. There are general “babywearing” groups, and often local babywearing groups where avid wearers will sell carriers. So check those out. All you have to do is search on Facebook.
Typically I haven’t had any trouble with buying via the Facebook pages. There are several big ones that hold specific rules for the group that protect both buyers and sellers. Paypal is the main form of payment in the group, so make sure you have an account if you plan to buy from one! I’m telling you – the baby carrier buy/sell/trade world is a whole underground thing, so if you aren’t sure about the lingo, do a bit of research before buying. I’m here for you if you have questions!
For handwoven wraps, each weaver usually has a Facebook group for their brand. Typically they will either hold auctions or right to buy forms where you can purchase their work. These woven wraps are typically available in very small quantities.
Want to learn more about woven wraps? I wrote a whole blog post on them. Read it here. (<—- COMING SOON)


I hope this article on how to buy a baby carrier was helpful to you!

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