Impulsive shopping is something I used to be extremely good at. But you know what sucks about impulsive shopping? The feeling you get after it’s over. That pit in your stomach. The sense of dread. Now that I think about what I buy, it feels so much better when I actually buy things. Because I know I truly don’t mind adding them to my life.

Making more mindful purchases may seem like a scary thing. It’s just easier not to think about what we’re doing when we buy something. I’m super guilty of this. The Target dollar bin is probably one of my worst weaknesses. At least it was… until I started asking myself these four questions anytime I buy something.

Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Anything

Asking these questions requires you to purchase things AFTER you’ve thought about it in depth.

1 // Does it add value to my life?

I’m a big proponent of keeping something you love if it adds value to your life. Do you like collecting bookmarks? Then collect them if it makes you happy! I’m a big babywearing fan and advocate. I have several different types of carriers in my collection. But they bring me joy! If something brings you joy (and it also passes the test of the other questions below) then go for it!

2 // Where will I store this?

This is a big one of you are trying to simplify your home! Simplifying your home isn’t an easy feat. Especially when you keep buying things. If you maintain a one in, one out rule, you will most likely stop accumulating tons of stuff. So, when you’re standing in the aisle, or at the online shopping checkout area – ask yourself this question! Make sure you know the answer before hitting “buy” 😉

3 // Do I have one of these already?

You guys, I’m SO guilty of this. I used to be the type of gal who would purchase five of the same thing if they made it in five different colors. Sweaters, overalls, t-shirts, plates. Anything. If I liked it, I’d buy them all. But now I know I only need one or two favorites, and I don’t NEED to have them all. It feels really amazing, and super freeing.

4 // Is this an impulsive purchase?

This is straightforward, but if you’re buying twenty items at the Target dollar bin hoping it will entertain your extremely bored children (I’ve been there, girl) then you most likely don’t need any of it. Those $1-$3 items add up. Remember – does it add significant value to your life? Do your children have one of these already? Where will you keep these things? Ask yourself all of this before you buy.


You’d be surprised how easily and quickly the game changes. I went from spending around $300 a week at Target to around $50 to buy things we need like toilet paper, soap, etc., and I don’t miss it. I don’t feel more empty; I feel happier because that money is in the bank, or went towards an experience with my family. Best of all, my house is (somewhat) clutter-free because of it! Win for everyone, if you ask me!

I hope this article about four questions to ask yourself before purchasing anything was helpful to you!

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  1. This was such a helpful post. I have always been quite an impulsive shopper myself and decided awhile back that I wanted to de-clutter my life as well as my children’s. Sometimes I feel I have less self control when it comes to buying cute clothes for my toddlers then for myself. While I love places like Target for my 7th generation household products, I always remind myself to stay out of the children’s section. The kids clothes get me every time (same with Old Navy). I love fashion myself, but have purged a ton of clothes and am doing a time-capsule wardrobe now, which I love! I have a rule set in place for myself though. With every season, I love to buy a few new items. It just feels great to replace certain styles or clothes that are piling or stained or that I just get bored with. For this reason of replacing or purging, I don’t spend more then 50.00 on any new clothes per season, but may spend up to 75 on a new dress that will last longer depending on the material. So with every season each year, I give myself permission to buy 2 new items of clothing totaling no more then 50.00. So for fall, my thing is always new sweaters or cardigans. I never have to replace my shoes because I spend a lot on leather high quality shoes that are timeless. (shoes include 3 pairs of leather sandles for spring and summer (they are korkease, swedish hasbeens and madewell) and 2 pairs of leather boots (rockport) for fall/winter. For fall, I usually love to buy new sweaters so I will usually buy a new color or texture I don’t already own or donate a sweater from previous years that has piled or has lost its shape. I love the cardigans at Target and Old Navy because they are affordable, so I will choose a unique style and then toss out 2 sweaters from the past that are worn out. That way I can stick to my capsule wardrobe and not add more to my mix. Things like dresses usually last me longer, so If I have a need to buy a new seasonal dress, I will either sell a past dress on ebay to justify a new purchase. Sticking to my capsule wardrobe is important and although I do replace some items with new from season to season, I feel this system works for me.

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