Do you feel overwhelmed when getting dressed in the morning? Maybe you have too many things to choose from?

I want to show you guys that life really is more simple and relaxing (especially as a mom) when you only have a few options to choose from when getting ready in the morning! For this reason, I’m hosting a Fall 10×10 challenge. Keep reading to see what it means and how you can participate in the Fall 10×10 challenge.

What is a Fall 10×10 challenge?

Many of you have asked me HOW I plan to change my ways. How do I pare down the items in my closet? How do I stop myself from making unnecessary purchases? Nine times out of ten, the answer is that I shop my own closet and only wear the items I REALLY love.

A 10×10 challenge is where you style the same 10 items in your closet (yes only 10) for 10 days. Sound boring? I promise it’s not. It actually gives you amazing creative freedom!

I did something like this a year and a half ago, but it was 30 items for thirty days. You can see what and how I styled the items in these posts here, here, and here.


When is your Fall 10×10 challenge starting?

The Fall 10×10 challenge starts Monday, October 15th. It’s ten days long, and it goes by SUPER quick!

How do I participate?

Each morning, after you style an outfit with your ten items, you’ll choose an outfit and snap a photo (if you want to) to share with others on your Instagram account or Facebook!

I also have a style Facebook group that you’re more than welcome to join here. We’ll be sharing our outfits there too!

What do I do to prepare?

All you have to do is start brainstorming your ten items! The ten items include tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and shoes for your every day life. Your ten items do not include accessories, bags, PJ’s or gym clothes… those can flow in and out freely!

Will you (Larissa) be sharing the 10 items you chose?

I’m going to share a post the last week of September that highlights which items I chose as my ten and why. That way it can maybe aide you in choosing your items!

I am SUPER excited to do this with you! I can’t wait for you to see how wonderfully simple the act of getting dressed in the morning can be!

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