Since the announcement of Baby Tula’s newest product, the Explore Baby Carrier, I’ve had several questions on how to use the carrier with the forward-facing option. While the carrier has three positions (front carry, back carry, and forward-facing out), the option to have baby face the world is new! I wanted to address some frequently asked questions as well as share a video I filmed of me putting Norah in the carrier.


Adjust Your Carrier

STEP ONE: Check your waistband (make sure it’s on the WIDEST setting)

STEP TWO: Check your panel height (the support pillow should be DOWN unless your baby very tall. You want it to rest right beneath their chin)

STEP THREE: Adjust the buttons. Make sure to fasten the buttons IN to face out.

Put Baby In Forward-Facing

STEP ONE: Hold baby with their back towards you. (Hold them in the position that you would wear them to ensure a good position and seat.)

STEP TWO: Set them at the seat of the carrier, and with one hand support under their bum (see my video below). With your other hand, grab the panel of the carrier and pull it up to baby’s chin.

STEP THREE: Pull on the arm straps, then buckle the shoulder strap in the back.

STEP FOUR: Tighten the arm straps so that your carrier isn’t too loose, however keep from over tightening. You want baby’s spine to sit in a natural position – straight! See some more fit tips below.



-You don’t want baby’s arms flailing back. If they’re doing that, your carrier is too tight. We want baby’s spine to rest in a natural position, not sandwiched awkwardly against your body. The arm straps WILL be looser in a forward-facing carry than they typically are for an inward-facing front carry.

-Rotate baby’s pelvis up to rotate the baby’s hips forward so that their tailbone is pointing down. This will help create a good seat and keep a good ergonomic position for baby.



Should I use the hood when forward-facing out?

NO. You will NEVER use a hood when forward-facing out.

How long can I wear my baby when forward-facing out?

Forward-facing is recommended for short intervals of carrying. My personal rule of thumb is 20 minutes at a time but if your baby is showing cues of overstimulation or fatigue earlier than that.

Can my baby sleep in the carrier when forward-facing out?

NO. Never wear your baby forward-facing when they’re sleeping. It is not safe. If your baby is tired, turn them inward-facing so they can nap that way.

Still have questions about forward-facing carriers? Visit this link to check out a science-based approach on forward-facing!

I hope this post about how to put a baby in forward facing out position in your Baby Tula Explore Carrier was helpful to you!




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  1. Oh my goodness! I would love to win! Today is my due date with my first baby! She is still cozy inside but I would love a way to wear her around once she is here! Hard to pick a favorite pattern! I think I love the Bloom most!

  2. I love Tula baby carriers and this new carrier would be amazing for my daughter and future children.

  3. My favorite color is forever and I live in Washington, right now but my husband is military and they are moving us to Georgia in November

  4. Bloom is magnificent! thats such a lovely shade of pink and I cant wait to carry with my next babe. Im from VA!

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