I am so happy to finally be getting all of this information in one place! Many of you have asked what exactly inspired this journey? If you read this post on my site here, you know that I’m in pursuit of a slower, more simple, and intentional life. Here is what I read to help me on this journey!

Five Books That Inspired My Journey to a Simpler Life


1 // CHASING SLOW by erin loechner

Chasing Slow was the first book I read, and probably my favorite. Loechner mentions several concrete ways that help you declutter your home, and focus on what’s truly important!

2 // SOULFUL SIMPLICITY by courtney carver

3 // GETTING BACK TO HAPPY by marc and angel chernoff


5 // YOU CAN BUY HAPPINESS (AND IT’S CHEAP) by tammy strobel


more resources:

I love this website. It’s been a wonderful resource for me. She also runs a podcast that I’ve loved listening to!

I loved watching this documentary on Netflix.

I plan to watch this documentary on Fast Fashion next.



Have more questions for me? Ask them here in the comments and I’ll answer, or you can send me a message over on Instagram too!

Thank you so much for reading!

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