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Newborns are the best, am I right? Their delicious baby smell, their sweet coos, and their ability to stay in one spot when you set them there! (The last is the best, am I right? Haha.) Honestly though, I forgot how much I loved this stage. I’m sharing five things I love about the newborn stage and another exciting announcement!


Playtex Mom

Before I share my favorite things about the newborn stage I wanted to quickly announce that I’m a Playtex Baby brand ambassador! How exciting, right?! Here’s what you can expect from our partnership in the coming months:

 1 // Reviews of my favorite Playtex Baby products

As a lifestyle blogger, I love being able to share my favorite products with you. Since I’m a second time mom, I’ve found products I love and ones that make my life as a mother a bit easier!

2 // Baby firsts

I plan to use Playtex Baby mealtime products to assist us in Norah’s first introduction to solid food! I can’t believe that will be coming up in just a few short months, ah!

3 // Updates on how our family is doing after this big (and exciting) change!

I’ve shared a bit about the transition but we went from parents to one little sweetie to parents of two. It’s been a remarkable journey. Especially since we don’t have family around and my husband works long hours. I solo mom a lot. I will share how that is all going in my updates!

I am extremely excited and thankful for this partnership! For this first post, I’m sharing five things I love about the newborn stage. Keep reading to see what those are!

Five Things I Love About the Newborn Stage

1 // Newborn Cuddles

Am I the only one will never forget the way their baby laid on their chest those first few weeks? I mean, yes I was exhausted, but it’s the most calming and cozy feeling! With both babies I was fortunate enough to have help around my house so that I could just lay baby on me while they snoozed. I just wish I could bottle up those moments (and that baby smell)!

2 // Breastfeeding

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I am a huge breastfeeding fan; I just enjoy it! I love the relationship and closeness I feel with my babies when I breastfeed. It’s shaped my experience as a mother.

Both of my babies were/are breastfed, and both times they pooped SEVERAL times per day. I probably went through 10-12 disposable diapers a day. Thank goodness for the Playtex Baby Diaper Genie though. It keeps her room and our room smelling fresh. I acutally used a Playtex Baby Diaper Genie when I had Gracie three years ago, for when she was in disposables, and it’s honestly one of my go-to baby products. I even gifted one to my little sister who just had her first baby. (She loves it by the way!)

3 // Baby firsts

The newborn stage has so many firsts. First laugh, first smile, first sounds. The first bath is a huge favorite of mine. Without a doubt this has to be one of my favorite things about having a new baby. Everything is new and exciting!

Want to hear a second time mom tip? Take photos of EVERYTHING! Even if your hair is seven days unwashed and you’re in your PJ’s. Post with your baby and take a photo during those firsts. You’ll be glad you did later.

4 // Babywearing

Wearing my baby is one of the most prominent things I’ll remember about my time as a mother of young children. As you’ve probably seen, I am quite a collector of carriers, so it’s kind of a hobby now. However, as a mom of two kiddos, babywearing is such a useful tool! I highly recommend it.

5 // Newborn Sleepiness

The sleepy stage of the newborn days is just the best. You know, the first few weeks where they literally sleep for 24 hours a day? If only it would stay that way when they turn three, ha!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about five things I love about the newborn stage. It’s such a wonderful time, but I know there are many fun days ahead too. Make sure to keep up with my posts with Playtex Baby in the next few months as Norah grows. Thank you so much for reading!

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